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  1. Hi there! Call me and we can work out a deal. at this point I don't need to sell it all at once. 504-915-4232 Sorry for the delay in response.
  2. I am finally emptying my 240. The return pump went out and I've been wanting to move on to another hobby. See attached for more information if interested. Note - A year or so ago I put this tank for sale all in one. Most wanted to see the tank empty. I will be working on removing the rock and sand this weekend. Thanks for looking 240 for sale info.docx
  3. I have about 300 lbs of rock for sale. The rock is not live . All purchased after Katrina. My return pump went out and I decided to get out of the hobby so this is all up for Sale. Purchased at Coral Connect... Haitian rock mostly. I would like to get $250 for the rock .. but open to negotiate. I am getting ready to start a glass hobby that will prevent me from having the tank. Thanks, Melissa