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  1. i'll be there, if you have never seen the 800 there its amazing
  2. for glue i just buy the harbor freight brand gel superglue. can get 10 of the small tubes for like $4. use what i need and trash the rest, dont have to worry about glue hardening n the tip which is a pain in the a$$.
  3. I guess this makes anyone who feeds live food a serial killer.
  4. im with will on this one. i have 2 tanks in my lliving room. gives me something to look at during the commercials.
  5. i expect to win something. seems like i always win. not always what i want but still something.
  6. cool stuff, and im sure the prize list will grow before the drawing. so to all the non supporting members, nows the time to chip in and keep this great site running.
  7. ok here goes my opinions, 1. the venue was real nice but with turnout being more than anyone could have guessed it did seem a bit crowded in there. 2. location was good for me, no real opinion on the city itself i was just there for the afternoon. 3. like all the events it was a good chance to put faces to the names you see on here, also good to see and talk to people who just want to pass on what they have learned. 4. goes back to question 1, it was a bit crowded but when you get great turnout like that i guess its to be expected. 5. nothing in particular, im sure next year there will be more there as im sure it will be bigger next year. 6. nothing the staff did a great job pulling this off. 7. i plan on attending again 8. keep up the good work
  8. hada great time today. thanks to everyone who worked to put this together. like most of yall i spent way too much money today but a good bit of what i spent went to wounded war heros so it was well spent. how much did we raise for them today?
  9. I'll be heading that way shortly. looking forward to coming home with that apex jr.
  10. I look foreward to going to this. I do have a question about the blid frag swap, I dont have any of the nicer colorfull corals, just some plain zoas. Would it be ok to use that for the swap? I dont want anyone feeling like they got a bum deal bringing something nice and getting my less than spectacular frag.