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  1. Dude I thought about U earlier. (Grim). I put a fish trap in my tank and the first fish in was that sailfin from ur tank. I have caught several except for that dam damsel
  2. The zeo stuff is written down on a calendar. And she has been doing it for me the last couple days. There really is not many combination of words that will keep this quote out of "today on Brk", But lets just say she had been workin that reactor twice a day as it should. Lol. I really need a doser.. K balance and zeostart are daily things.
  3. Holy moly. That makes my wires way so much not so bad. Lol. Not trying to make fun I promise..
  4. Lars tank is really one of the cleanest I have seen.
  5. I am about to go out of town for a while, about 2 weeks, leaving the wife and some friends in care of my tank. Looking over everything. It's so hard to try and plan for everything. At first I was gonna get my wife to continue water changes, but changed my mind on that.. I look at other systems and think what is most important. Alk is high so calc reactor is off. No dosing by dosing pump. I plan on having another skimmer in the sump. The deltec can be hard to deal with so I thought maybe if I put a reef octo down there it would be easier to deal with if the deltc goes crazy.. My OCD brain is in overdrive. Any recommendations?
  6. That's the losses I am speaking of. I did say over time. I don't care how minuscule.. It takes two seconds to calibrate. Why not just do it. Overall telling everyone to calibrate regularly is just a good practice.
  7. Gotta disagree. Although my OCD calibration efforts are not required, once a month or so would be good. Specific will gradually lower itself over long periods of time. True it may not change a lot but it could change, none the less.
  8. I calibrate mine each water change. It's ALWAYS off. Usually a point or two, which 15 gallons of 36 ppt mixed in 200 gallons 35 ppt doesn't matter but over time it can get way off.
  9. I am embarrassed to say this. But I have bronchitis... I get it three times a year. Funny how it coincides with cutting that coral. Maybe related maybe not. Kirks ideas seem solid.
  10. thats cool.. cant wait to see it come together
  11. Can't say my plumbing is pretty. But let me know what day u working. I actually am working till next Tuesday.. So ur probly safe. Lol.