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  1. I am fairly certain that everything I put my hand in my tank something frags itself. "Let me move this rock a little so that coral is in more light" is the equivalent to "hold my beer".
  2. I read an article about his and was really amazed. I'm happy the option for a tank bred hippo is in the future. Downside, I'm sure the market will see "designer" blues.
  3. They get on occasionally but don't chat often. I would recommend aquatic specil ties and aquatic sealife. Both have pretty good selections of fish and coral. I have used aquatic specialties for many years with no issues.
  4. Ammonia in a bottle works well. Look for a bottle at ace hardware or a mom and pop store that has only ammonia listed as the ingredients. Then give it a shake and make sure it doesn't bubble. If it passes these simple tests, you should be good to add this to the tank as an ammonia source.
  5. The unit linked doesn't come with batteries so once the sun is gone, so are the pumps. The suggestion of batteries is completely necessary to prevent this however batteries add cost to the system and more parts that could fail. What are the specs for the jebao(power consumed, nominal voltage and current)?
  6. School has taken all if my time so I put the tank aside so I can focus on graduating and getting a job. I graduate May 13 and yep, it's a Friday. I really want that red haddoni, however I don't want to become another Benjy. Haha, sorry dude. The tank is doing well. I finally hooked up the carbon reactor I bought at the aqua but meet last year. I put about 6 tbsps of rox0.8 in and run it for 12 hours a day with my fuge light. The water looked crystal clear for a few days and is now kinda cloudy. I suppose I should change the carbon out. I lost a pair of lyretail anthias due to my lack of time to feed them three times a day. Lesson learned. I still have all the original fish and the two pair of clownfish are getting along fine. The pink skunks still do the occasional barking at each other which is pretty cool to hear.
  7. If I remember correct, a gallon of water is 8ish pounds. Your 40 with water is about 350 pounds. Try that number as a weight test and see how it holds up.
  8. I was reading this a few minutes ago. The point is spot on but as he goes into mentioning dealers that don't photoshop, it became a plug for various vendors and he lost me.
  9. I used aqua stik in my tank and it took a few days for the skimmer to settle when I used about a third of a stick. Other than that I have no complaints.
  10. Sweet gig man. You haven't had problems with a gig and a haddoni in the same tank?
  11. I added a ritteri anemone to my reef tank. It went for a walk (I think) and stung my orange setosa, green stylo, green slimer , candy apple reds, purple hornets, blue hornets and rainbow acans. All of the sticks were lost, the zoas are slowly opening and the acan is ok.
  12. I have just about reached my peak for the love of sps. They are beautiful and I love a tank full of sticks but my self esteem cannot take the losses. I just lost a colony of green pocillo"sayonara". Add that to the orange sa"toasted" earlier this week.
  13. I am up to four sticks I lost in two weeks. I cannot figure out what's up. Hopefully all is good in your tank.