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  1. not sure about Kirk's, but when I quoted a 120 rimless in 2016, it was nearly $200 (roughly 20-30% increase?) more than when I quoted the same tank back in 2013-2014.
  2. This right here. Aquacultured corals tend to do A LOT better than mariculture/wild ones.
  3. aquarium herpes. never goes away, always dorment.
  4. I'm sure you already know, but just a reminder to leave the peppermint in there even when that last one is gone. the aiptasia can 'disappear' and go dorment or shrivel til there seemslike nothing only to come back. Has happened to me in the past when I thought the filefish got it completely 100%. I didn't see an aiptasia for 3-4 weeks, decided to rehome him and gave it to a member. Ended up seeing the SOB, same one, same spot a month later.
  5. Only a few dollars more and its a lot more reliable IMHO. I have friends who have tried to go cheap with other strips and all have eventually turned to the american DJ strips for their tanks.
  6. Didn't someone have a laser? How did that work out
  7. just avoid salinity. they had a HUGE problem the last 2 years with tons of batches coming in with low dkh. two members had mature (2+yr old) SPS tanks and both times it was because they switched from IORC/RSCP to Salinity. I tested both buckets when I heard and both buckets from different lots had dkh of <4...to be sure we even tested with 3 new and different kits: hanna, red sea, and salifert. of course I then talked to a store in NOLA who sold it and they said they had 5-6 customers complain in that same month, company said tough luck it wasn't our stuff that caused it. i believe the store still carries it, but its one of those things I'd just avoid in general.
  8. BRS is really consistent with their jumbo sized pieces. Friend of mine ordered the tonga jumbo piece, it was big enough to fit into a 5ft tank. definitely looks like some nice pieces.
  9. If its a 400-1000g SPS tank, with minimum maintenance it'd be: 1. Skimmer with cleaner head + external waste cup 2. GFO/Carbon Reactor 3. 2 Litermeter III auto water change ~5g a day with huge water containers... 4. Doser/Ca Rx still requires you to top off storage containers and add salt every so often I guess.
  10. Been busy with holidays and grandmother has been ill so I haven't had time. Tank is being overfed with the autofeeder since I'm not home most of the day, so it is time for me to get some real CUC. 15 pack from BC will be coming in soon as well.
  11. sorry guys, long week of work and i've been sick too. hope it was a good time!
  12. Well here's a couple of updates. Was able to add a few SPS frags, doing well except for one booger that just slowly STN'd. Otherwise everything is doing well. healthy and encrusting. A 15 pc pack is coming in from Adam sometime this week when I decide to get off my butt to tell him to ship it. haha Livestock list right now: 1 Hooded Wrasse 1 Crescent Tail Wrasse 2 Bartlett's Anthias 2 Lyretail Anthias 1 Mandarin Goby 1 Yellow Tang 1 Blue Hippo Tang 3 Peppermint shrimp 1 mexican turbo snail (Need to get him out soon) Also an update on the reactor, this was 1.5 weeks of growth: I feed 3-4 pinches of NLS and frozen 3x weekly, yet I have not had to fight a hard battle with cyano and hair algae in general is close to nonexistent. Even algae on the rocks in general isn't hard to deal with. Definitely seems to be a good investment for the 'nicer reactors' if someone doesn't want to do the DIY one.
  13. Any opinions on that site vs algae barn? Was looking to grab pods before it gets too cold.
  14. BRS has the tonga shelf if you're interested, i got them from there.
  15. the $800 price was rimless + external + black silicone for sure. I asked john regarding it when I was looking for a new tank.