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  1. Still pretty annoyed with the photobucket shenanigans.. so I haven't really wanted to fix or update this thread since I'm being lazy, lol.. anyway..Double update: FTS of my DT as of right now. Everything is doing well, but I'm going to start dosing nitrates as my sps coloration is a bit in the pale side. I tried just feeding heavier, but the algae growth really accelerated. I purchased some stump remover and have tested it on both my QT tank as well as my frag tank, and will start KNO3 dosing early next week on the DT. MACNA was awesome! I got to meet a lot of awesome people and BRK members, and even picked up a few pieces to add to my collection. Aside from the HW, I now have frags of TSA Bill Murray, PC rainbow, Paletta pink tip, and an extra bubblegum digi (I already have one, but TSA's were gorgeous). I also just picked up a Tierra del Fuego and a sniper blue last week... I really won't have room for these to grow out. Lol And a fts of my coral QT tank I took the other day: I keep a few random pieces in the QT tank along with one snail and one hermit, just to keep the tank ready for any new coral- whenever I buy some. Whenever I get a new piece/pieces, I just put a magnetic rack on the front glass and put the new stuff on the racks. I take the rack out when I'm not in QT mode so it doesn't look like a QT tank, Lol. Lastly, since adding the HW, I've added an additional battery backup... with all the storms slamming the coast lately, I'm trying to be proactive instead of reactive. Hopefully I'll find a good deal on a generator soon, lol.
  2. Well, I've got the blue star is eating pellets! I was getting a little nervous at first because he disappeared for about a week and a half, then wouldn't eat anything for another week or so, then finally started nibbling on frozen mysis. After a few weeks of some of my special food concoctions, she's hogging down any kind of pellets I put in the tank.. pretty excited about that! Thanks! It's definitely getting there, I've just gotta be patient now and let things grow... which is, as I'm sure you know, the most difficult thing to do, lol.
  3. Well, this past Saturday I mounted all the sticks on the rock work and the zoa frags on the little island. Now I'm just going to try to let the tank do its thing and only do regular maintenance and minimal input on my part.
  4. Very nice reboot man, it looks like everything is growing in nicely! I also have found that you have to be careful with the ROX carbon.. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and have come to the conclusion (which is just my opinion based on observations in a few different situations) that ROX's aggressive nature can cause rtn for a few different reasons. 1: The jump in par when first implementing it. BRS did a video awhile back that stated that water discoloring can reduce par by something like 25%, and ROX carbon works much quicker than other brands of carbon. The sudden increase in par over such a short amount of time may light shock some corals. 2: Stripping the water a pinch too clean too fast. On one of the maintenance tanks I currently service, I had started using ROX (was an already running setup) and immediately saw negative effects. I cut the dose multiple times and wound up at 1/8th the BRS recommended dose, and all the corals are happy at that dose and the water is always crystal clear. However, I used to use a "full strength" dose (the BRS recommended dose) in my 30xh, which was a mixed reef with lps, sps,and zoas, and never had an issue with anything rtn'ing. I actually only had an issue when I didn't run carbon... a few pieces of my sps would rtn if I didn't run carbon due to what I could only guess was chemical warfare. I think working up the amount of carbon will avoid coral stress from too quickly removing organics. Bottom line, I don't think ROX is necessarily bad, I really think it just has to be slowly worked it in. I just started using carbon and rowa on my 41 on Saturday night, and I put 1/16th of what BRS recommends to start. The water is clearer, and everything is happy. I wouldn't throw out the ROX just yet.
  5. Looking good! I'll probably go with the cable raceway on the next build to hide wires vs the wire grommets I used on my 41 build. It seems like it may be easier to move the wiring for maintenance and such using the raceway. Did you order it online or find it locally?
  6. Got a little work done on the tank yesterday.. finally got around to installing the vent fans in the sump and electronics cabinets, as well as finishing up wiring the magnetic door switches to turn the cabinet lights on whenever the door is open. Besides that, the tank is chugging along, although it is going through the new tank uglies with a few different types of algae popping up... but nothing out of the ordinary. Oh yea, this guy has finally started to feel comfortable enough to cruise around the tank with the other fish and is eating like a pig! Besides that, I'm putting a few cell pics up for growth reference, colors are still coming back from browning that happened with an alk drop in the quarantine tank, but everything is healthy and encrusting! The rainbow infusions seem to have lost a bit of their green under the T5's, but they have rapidly grown tissue.. much faster than I've seen with any LED I've tried. The rastas and emeralds on fire I originally had melted away for whatever reason when I transferred them to this tank, but I recently picked up some more Rastas that are now in quarantine. I'm actually kind of glad the old ones melted, this new strain is MUCH brighter than any I've gotten or seen before. The new strain on the right, and another strain I picked up from another reefer on here. These are literally right next to each other and the color difference is crazy. The blue skirt is rediculously blue, and the greens and oranges are much more vivid. It's true, not all corals are created equal. Lol
  7. If you think the Stn is going to take the stag, I'll hold on to a frag of healthy tissue for you if you want?
  8. There's a water treatment plant in Hammond that sprays very finely misted, ammonia-ridden water into the air to physically convert nh3 to no2/3. The air-water ratio in that case has, obviously, much more air than water whereas the water running through the skimmer has much more water than air. Although using the skimmer to physically convert nh3 to no2/no3 will help a little, it would be difficult to quantify how much it would help with nitrification and I probably wouldn't depend on it handling a spike. The main point was, when cycling this way, I find corals tend to do better when I add all my fish, then give it a month, then add coral. Just didn't want you to lose all of those frags because the bacteria bottles promise a "instant cycle."
  9. Just a warning about dropping all your coral into a new tank; I probably wouldn't, lol. I've used the dry rock with ammonia drops and bacteria method to cycle the last 6 tanks I've setup or helped with, and the main problem I've found is that the bacteria populations are established but have very erratic growth and death stages for a few weeks. The tank will be a little cloudy one day and clear the next, depending on how much food and stuff like that is put in the tank. This doesn't seem to affect the fish in any way from what I've noticed. I've followed Dr Tims "bring nh3 to 2ppm then let it cycle out, then repeat, and the tank is ready when it can process 2ppm of nh3 in 24 hours" methodology, and it works extremely well. However, I only use this to get the fish in. Once I have the majority of my fish in the tank for 3-4 weeks, the bacteria populations SHOULD be somewhat settled down as long as my feeding schedule isn't super erratic, and I'll put a few test pieces in. The only exception I've made to this is when I set up my coral QT tank, which got cycled the same way minus the adding of fish part, then some test pieces went it with no fish being in the tank. There was some almost instant browning on the sps test pieces I put in, but the pieces I put in after a month held their color a lot better. Having said all that, if you choose to drop all your coral and fish in at the same time, I'd be very interested to see how everything does. The only thing about this that makes me nervous is possibly giving the corals what I'm calling "ammonia flash", a very short and small spike of ammonia before it's processed out of the tank.. not sure how sps would handle something like that.
  10. BRS got me good one year.. they had this DIY tank kit for like $65 bucks, which was four precut pieces of glass and some silicone for a rimless 65g cube. I skimmed that email at like 6am before I had my coffee and immediately was thinking of how awesome of an idea that is. I even went and OK'd the order with my wife and was trying to order it before I realized what day it was. There was a valuable lesson learned that day- don't make decisions before coffee.
  11. Update: Transferred all frags from the DT into the 41 last night after the whites went off. Everything has since opened up and seems to be doing well! I'll get a better pic after everything settles in a bit more. Now just have to wait a little while and let the sps color back up.. the sps in the QT tank all were very slowy turning brown, but encrusting with full polyp extension.. so now that they have plenty of light, they can start to color up. Frags now in the tank: -blue cali tort -setosa -bubble gum digi -dragon scale milli -red planet -poor mans dippin dots -ponape birdsnest -rose milli -random cool blue acro -emeralds on fire -rainbow infusions -utter chaos -rastas -pink zippers -speckled fire and ice -sunny Ds -LA lakers -vamps in drag -jack o lantern lepto -rose gonio Also, I got something in today at work... hehehe
  12. I'll come finish it for you for a small fee.
  13. I like your thinking, sir... put that saved money into parts of the tank that need it.. like some more vortechs! I built my sump out of a leaky hexagon tank- cost a grand total of $7 worth of silicone.