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  1. That's one thing that used to upset me so bad. When I was selling, the most color enhancing I ever used was lightening of a pic. No other color enhancement at all. But I'm sure it hurt us in sales as our coral was not as "bright" as they were in other pics But, I didn't want to mislead anyone. Personally, I feel that it's just a gross misrepresentation of a coral. Just saying!
  2. Cody, your tank is gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! How's my little fish doing? Did you name him yet? LOL! I just love the Flame Hawks. They are full of personality! Told ya you would like him! Nick, Cody has seen my tank Cody's my "buddy" and stops by to see me and help me on a regular basis! LOL! Poor Cody! Anyway, everything is up, running and waiting on ya! I'll see you and Cody on Sunday
  3. Yep, some Chalice can be quite "pricey"! Not saying it's not "bright" in color, but looks like there's quite a bit of color enhancing going on there! How about this one?
  4. Agreed We have some great, giving members here! Salty, I guess most of us feel your pain in one way or another. I have lost some of my livestock in the past due to error on my part, and it's a sad day when even just one coral or fish dies. Sounds like you like SPS, but when ready, just let us know what your preference would be....SPS/LPS/Softies. We'll get you hooked up! Again, sorry for your loss.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss. We would be happy to donate a frag as well All we ask is that you cover shipping which would be around $15 or you're welcome to come pick up Just shoot us an email when you're ready!
  6. Yes, the address is: Brigette Travasos 1324 US Highway 167 Abbeville, LA 70510 Thanks, JT!
  7. LOL! That's not a common name! What a coincidence!
  8. Greg, can you confirm that my payment was received via Paypal? Thanks!
  9. Greg, just sent my Paypal payment. Can you let me know that you have received? Thanks!
  10. Wow! Well, we do have enough room for an event like that; however, space may be an issue. How do they do the frag swap when there are no tanks to house frags? Do you just keep them in bags? We definitely have the outside space. Heck, we could hold another Woodstock here! LOL! Let me know, I might be able to help if you need it!
  11. Awww, I guess I'm going to have to miss out on this one BUT, hopefully I can make the next! Typically how many people attend these swaps? I may even be able to host one in a months or so if interested? I would come, I just don't think I'm going to be able to leave my husband that long right after his surgery
  12. I would love to attend, I'm sure Erik would as well; however, my husband is having rotator cuff surgery on the 10th, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend. I guess it depends on how he does after surgery. Would the 12th or 13th be too late to let you know a definite answer?