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  1. Nothing else. Been working out of town in Ark so haven't had time to start on the build. Soon though.....soon
  2. Yeah, usually not a good idea to feed them right away. He could possibly be regurgitating what you fed him. I don't have any personal experience with this species so I'll let Jordan give his thoughts. as far as water changes go, I'd stick to a pretty basic routine of around 20% weekly. Good looking nem.
  3. Update: i now have... 4 of 4 mp40wes apex sp4 return Eshopps rs-300 sumps planet aquariums 225g drilled tank Hoping to begin built-in remodel in the next few weeks.
  4. There are exceptions. I've seen rbta host perc and ocellaris but they typically don't
  5. x2 on the sting. I recall Jimbo ordering one for his 1000g system, we put it in the tank after acclimating it. It started heading for the back of the tank so I thought I would gently coax it to the front of the tank.....mistake. Also x2 the condition in which they arrive. If I remember right, the first one arrived to John at Aqua Hut in near death condition. Knowing this, he offered Jimbo another for free if the original didn't make it. It didn't so he ordered another. That one did great.............until one of his maids closed the top canopy doors causing his tank to reach 90 degree temps for a day. Lost the malu along with approx. 10-15k in fish and coral. Moral of the story: don't buy a h. malu.
  6. I had a green bta with a pair of snowcap percs. They did not host though, which pissed me off. A blue or green carpet with percs would be sweet but that tank is too small. Maybe an LTA with skunks or maroons?
  7. I'd go nem/clown. I'm doing a 225 build but I also picked up a 30 cube that I'm gonna do a nem with clowns in. You'll def need a good light though.
  8. Looking forward to this, Greg. All sps in a tank that size scares the crap out of me though. (Did you mean looking for a "calcium" reactor in that last paragraph?)
  9. I don't think it will be too noticeable from where they'll be mounted in the canopy. I plan on running a moonlight mode on the tank though so it won't be a problem either way.
  10. Picked up some Red Sea Pro salt today and ordered some Aquaforest Reef salt. Wanna try both to see how I like them. Also, up to about 60 lbs of Fiji dry rock. Only about 140 lbs more to go! Hoping to have a Planet Aquarium 225g tank, SP4 return pump and Apex locked down this week. We're getting close!
  11. Lol, just saw this. I'm getting there. Just dropped a grand on LED lights! Check out my build thread.
  12. Love how the glass trim illuminates when off
  13. My zetlight LEDs came in today. First impression: very sleek, modern design. Feels solid and well built.
  14. Been waiting on these bad boys to go on sale. Just ordered 2! I've seen some very nice tanks on YouTube with these. They have full spectrum controllability and a good spread. Can't wait to see them in action!