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  1. That better be a big fish pond or you had better incorporate a big riding lawn mower into your plans Looks like everything is coming along nicely.
  2. I had the same problem keeping this coral, I lost 2 of them,,,,, the last one I got I put deeper in my tank, lower Par ,,, so far it is still alive, but its only been in the tank for a month. In the past I have lost them pretty quick ,,, so a month in and still alive is a record for me
  3. What do you feed them, do you have to feed them and how often do you feed them if you have to? You were right also ,,,,that is a cool picture
  4. The only thing I can add to this ,,,, if you can, buy the rock from your LFS instead of online,,,, you get to pick the pieces you want
  5. I like that first picture ,,,, two awesome looking fish ,,,,,,,
  6. If you use the screen from BRS you don't have to worry about the light getting into the tank its not a problem.
  7. I think you did a awesome job with this
  8. That would be a greaqt choice for a 300g
  9. As I was scrolling down the coral pics I was thinking I was going to post " that coral looks great " but I kept saying that with each picture they all look awesome
  10. I was wondering the same thing myself ,,, but knowing Dave there had to be a darn good reason for him doing it ,,,, so I didn't bite
  11. I would go to Home Depot first to get the metal stripping ,,,, Not sure what I am fixing to say still holds true or not, it did the last time I went to buy the stuff to make my screen top. Lowes only carried one size of the metal stripping, the narrow one, Home Depot carried two sizes the narrow and the wider one. You want to use the wider one for making your screen top. The wider the metal stripping is, the tighter you can get your screen without the whole thing bowing on you. When I say the wider metal stripping, is not that much wide than the narrower stripping, but its enought to make a difference. I don't know what you plan to use for the screen, but if its not the stuff you get from BRS ,,,,, you don't want to use it
  12. I wouldn't worry about the HOB filter ,,,, just run the metal stripping right up to the HOB filter and stop ,,, on both sides of the HOB filter. You just have the screen there to stop a fish from jumping, the chances of them jumping right next to the hob filter are pretty slim. I did this with my QT tank, the screen was still pretty taunt.
  13. I heard that thats the one thing about our house that I hate, I had it built about a year before I got into the hobby