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  1. Thanks everyone! Tank specs: 180 gallon 40 gallon sump GFO and GAC in nexreef rx is only filtration Dosing BRS 2 part w/ liter meter ATI T5s Tunze stream and gyre for circ .
  2. Haven't posted in a while and tank is not getting the maintenance it deserves but still growing slowly. .
  3. Very nice build! I started my first reef in '04 ... then along came August of 2005. Are you going to continue to run the system?
  4. If easiest/maint free with sps is the goal ... For filtration - I'm going gac and gfo only. It's a pita to change media every 6 weeks, but I rather that over cleaning the filth out of a skimmer ... and skimmate stinks For major and minor elements - doser. I've tried all 3 methods for maintaining alk/cal and if easiest is a goal, dosing is it IMO For lights - simple cheap non-adjustable T5 works for me. Controller is a must. The more basic, the less complicated. My #1 priority would be random flow JMO .
  5. Adding another media chamber is the only thing I've heard of. I always had low pH when I was running a reactor. My current solution is probably not advisable .. I don't check ph .
  6. I'm going to go off topic and go with equipment regrets. Several of my DIY projects over the years have worked out great and saved money. Some ... not so much: DIY dual chamber acrylic cal reactor (It actually worked for over a year but was "challenging" to operate and it eventually busted seams) DIY media reactor (before vendors started using the term media reactor) using Lowes 4" PVC DIY Mag 5 mini closed loop (bawhaha .. just typing it makes me laugh) DIY sump return plumbing with 5 outlets in tank (what can I say .. I was a rookie with zero concept of head loss and pressure) and the epic fail(s) ... DIY chiller using freezer in the garage (tank plumbed to garage) DIY chiller using window unit AC coils submerged in ice chest full of water ... in the garage!!!!!!! Where did I find the time for all that madness?
  7. Excellent! I'm still waiting for my valida frag to color up and take off. .
  8. I had a cheap walmart fan in the sump that only made contact with the stand through plastic zip ties. Discovered it was source of stray voltage through process of elimination mentioned above. .
  9. Very curious about this stuff. Please keep posting before/after pics if you've got them. Thanks!
  10. I do not have a controller that will do this, but wish I did. I feed corals right at lights off and would think lower flow would allow for better PE and feeding. Just a theory. .
  11. wow, I think I need to up my sps game! Incredible tank!
  12. I would be interested in the Hawkins frags as well. .