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  1. What's up buddy? Hows things been in your world? Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. Its a AquaticLife Expert Series XS-UV Marine LED 34" (181 Watts) Man I wish I could make it but I will be in NJ working!!!! BUT I have Dustin that better keep an eye open for me!!!! As far as the light I love it.... I have a video I took before I left for work I will try and post, it really shows the shimmer
  3. Thanks... Man it kills me to look at old pictures of my tank!!!!!
  4. What's Up Guys? I know I have been AWOL for a few years but after I lost all my SPS and LPS I kinda let the tank go into auto pilot. Right now my tank is just a shell of what it use to be but that will soon change!!!! What got me back hooked was an addition of new light I picked up at my LFS. It has lit that fire once again!!!! I will attach a current picture of the tank but no laughing....
  5. We have done a few group buys with Chris. Chris is a great guy to work with. Everything we have ordered from him has been on time & in good heath. Both group buys were delivered USPS....
  6. Any chance of getting the dark shirts with the big logo on the back and a small one on the front
  7. Nice Bobby.... Always wanted a chameleon so let me know if you are successful with the breeding... I to will be tiring my hand at breeding Ball Pythons as my female Pastel will be at breeding weight this year... Will be breeding her to a male Mojave... Good Luck....
  8. I will have to tapout also as I am still in New Jersey working....
  9. You would need to order 4-sheets of 18" x 24" acrylic......