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  1. Twinn at least,post up a lit pic of the holding system. I like the box you built for overflow. May see if you can build one for the 40b. It just has holes thru the back wall for drain and return.
  2. I have been talking with Gerwin at Just Fish. I have the tank and a real sump to use. It will be just as simple as in the past, minimal rock, no filtration other than a sponge the sump for heater and ATO and of course additional water volume. I have everything but lighting and return pump. Livestock as before will be strictly LPS. As as far as Harley transport that 9 plus hour trip might be tough..... these will probably come by car... being in Florida I am 3 hours from almost anything other than the Keys so I have options here that might work out well.
  3. Wow, I have been out a long time I guess, finally have a place to set a system up again. Going to attempt to replicate the old 40B easy and simple. No one has done anything for your tank since 2016???
  4. So large system SPS dominate and minimal maintenance? plans are on hold for the 15' in wall in Hattiesburg but: 1 lighting I say best of both worlds, led T5 combo. 2 skimmer, premium brand sized at least 30% over Total water Volume 3 CARX a pain to set up but once operational easy peasy 4 emergency power supply whole house so temp stability is done 5 controller, I have never used one have one I'd sell but for a large system a big help 6 sump total volume at least 50% of display an aid for stability 7 air filter system in tank room to remove humidity and possible home toxins 8 pumps with redundancy gotta have the flow. 9 premium test system. richard.....
  5. Go for it Jensen, I'm stuck in Jacksonville, FL in a house we are not allowed to have a tank in....
  6. Wish I could, Becky did just spot a 360 here in Jacksonville for sale, HMMMMMMM
  7. So since I like Trump and his foul antics all politics aside I Join Scott in nominating captbenjy aka Darla.
  8. Good deal And I see Razorback has jumped on board, good folks I have not had time to make any meets on the road to much. Hope some of them make the trip.
  9. And this is how we outgrow a Do we have a "host" motel to recommend? just a thought.
  10. WOW! How Much money Nemo how much time does it take how long can you leave it and not do anything
  11. Finally stopped and cleaned the skimmer 1/8" of funk on the walls, 1/2 gallon of nog. Got a new Anthias yesterday and a 6 pound piece of old school live rock. Full of sponge, calupra (sp) etc. so I took out a 15 pound piece that had nothing...tank looks better.
  12. The little one is bright yellow can't get the color on a phone.
  13. Couple rock nems this evening
  14. Both heaters came with controllers and I have a redundant controller for them. I have an APEX have not hooked it up may decide to sell it or swap it out for something. This system is not ever going to be so technical that I need it.
  15. Dave I got a pair of 500w titanium with digital controllers. Lucked up on them on eBay new and cheap.
  16. The thread is coming up on 3 years old with 411 posts. Not bad not great either. 2 weeks ago I quit any supplemental feeding just 3x a day pellets by auto feeder. Everything seems happy so going to leave it ride for now. Did a 25 gallon water change. All major algae issues are gone, new JBJ heater due in tomorrow. Running 4 200w is a pain. LPS is great not near the issues keeping sticks happy.
  17. Welcome back, missed your pictures, remember unless you have something live you are starting all over so watch the levels real,close as you bring the 75 on line.
  18. Watch the carx with few sticks your consumption will be low and it could put to much in.
  19. I had forgotten what a pain nems can be, traded it in in Little Rock. It ate 4 of Becky's favorite never left the glass so got rid of glass and all, guess I'll have to drink whiskey out of the bottle...