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  1. I would have even more concern if this were true. Could have catastrophic consequences if someone accidentally or otherwise dumped the LFS water in their DT.
  2. I'm with Jay and Grimm. I'd try and e-mail him first and include a pic of the label. It is possible what he ordered isn't what he got either. That doesn't explain the QT issue though, however he may clarify by saying certain species etc... If he doesn't respond to the email try and call. Let him know you sent the email, this is for me personally where I would weigh his responses carefully. If he says he saw it and was too busy to respond that may be true and may explain some of the mix-up. Then follow up by mentioning the QT issue. I wouldn't necessarily try to trick him but I may say I bought a "fish" from you before without mentioning type and say you informed me all fish were QT'd for etc... Then, again, weigh his response. Then I would choose one of your responses above, but I would be cautious about putting him on blast-even if he deserves it. I would simply state the facts as you did above and let other people decide for themselves. If you just MF the guy people will likely think your just a pissed off customer, but if you present everything like above they can decide for themselves. Sorry for the long response, just aggravates me when people say they will do something then don't and I think we have all been in a similar situation as yours. Either way let us know what happens hopefully he'll offer to make it right with a credit or exchange.
  3. Some Prime with tap water is what I've always used. I've found some is milky some isn't but one of the biggest reasons I like to rinse is to sift through and make sure there are no extra's (as in Phosphate producing) included. Shouldn't be an issue with Carib, but using "playground sand" is a different story but a lot of people have luck with it.
  4. Well this has been dormant long enough. Plus Jordan just asked if I was still reefing-no doubt his subtle way of challenging my man-hood LOL. The tank is actually set up and running and I have a ton of pics and such to upload. Things got out of whack when I had to go back to Miss. to work again. But I'm giving this a bump and will get it updated. I actually built a set of LED's that I haven't seen anyone use before so I'm pretty stoked to show those off alone. I'm transferring stuff from my old computer now so hopefully I can get some cool stuff uploaded and give somebody some ideas if nothing else. Look forward to sharing my stuff with the club in the very short future. Steve
  5. Well I've always wanted to do a build thread if for no other reason than to have a common place to point to when people ask questions. I haven't even started cycling the tank yet mostly getting all the materials together. It is certainly going to be an outward appearing stock tank for the most part with closeable hood and such. But it will for sure be LEDs all the way (as you will see below). I bought a tubular pressurizing fan cooled heat-sink from Steve's LEDs. I'm also using the new Luxeon M series LEDs which are basically 4 chips mounted on a single 25mmx25mm primary heat-sink or "star". These LEDs are 12 watts EACH. I'm using two 5,000K neutral white that each put out about 1300 lumens each and the RB (450nm by he way) radiometric output is >6,200mw @ 1000ma. Forward voltage of each is about 11.0v 2 700ma and 11.4 @ 1000ma. In addition to this I added two hyper-violet 3w LEDs for aesthetics, but they may or may not stay, it just depends on what they look like. I modded the hood and everything mentioned above is sealed in the stock splash guard. Two ELN-60-48D will drive them with the RB's acting as moonlight on their own channel. Oh yeah, I will not be running these at anything close to full power-LOL. I'd rather have a little more than I need to be able to turn it down and keep the heat down on the chips. I'm also going with a Hydor Evo 1200 as well as the deflector and an inTank media basket but the fuge part is up for debate as of yet. Nothing wrong at all with MJ-900 but I have one as a spare and wanted to try this one out. I will say this dude is tiny but we will see how it performs. I'll be using BRS Reef Saver Rock, No Pests and I like how it locks together both functionally and aesthetically. I've got pics on my phone wifes phone cameras etc... And the tank still has the old aggregate in it. I'm also thinking I'm going to give Fiji Pink a try although it may get a muriatic acid wash if not MULTIPLE washings although it says not to. I can make live sand without any issues. I'll see if I can put a couple of pics now but mainly I needed to do this to have a place to start from. Sorry no pics right now and this was taking the plunge so to speak so I will update as I can and when something spectacular happens... ltlevil1
  6. Good to see you back man. Let me know if you need any help.
  7. I can honestly say that if not for Alan's work in putting together the guide, I most likely would not have bought an Apex. Not only that but three of my friends-between us I think we bought/own 8 units-they would not have done it either. I think they should make one of those BudLight commercials...Here's to you Mr. Apex New User Guide Man... All joking aside I have not met one person who did not use Alan's guide exclusively. Thanks Alan and I hope they take care of you for your efforts.
  8. Haven't been there in a few years. You know me? We just got her some nice stuff last night. After dippjng and a water change everybody was closed up so she is excited to see what everything looks like with the lights on.
  9. It was when my 18 year old heard my wife say something about here tank. He said where are you going to put it? She said it's already put. He replies but you didnt want the tank in the livingroom. She said that was before I decided I wanted the tank. And after I decided thst I decided I want it in the living room. I'll be glad to get off this s/d so I can help her get it the way she wants.
  10. I recently set up a jbj 24g in the living room that my wife first said could only be temporary then said we will just keep it in here-translation is This is now my tank. I've been working a s/d so she has been helping feed my fish in the bedroom tank. I come home late a few days ago and she is intently studying my tank. I ask whats wrong and she says nothing. Then she starts asking detailed questions about different inhabitants. I didn't think much until the next day when she was there again when I got home. I asked (scared of the response) what are you doing? She just smiled and said-Shopping. Holy Moses. Anybody got a little room I can hide some of my stuff?
  11. Also remember if you put the glue on under water to keep pressure on the tube or bottle. If you stop squeezing while its underwater it will suck the saltwater back in and put an end to the glue.
  12. How deep your tank is with the 5" above the water line will determine what optics. I'd personally look into the Exotic LEDs. I got mine from If all you want them for is visual purposes then the Turquouse, TrueViolet, Deep Red and maybe some Royal Blue. You could start with. Four clusters and go from there. I would put each color on a seperate dim able driver with a pot to get it how you want and also to turn them down if they aren't needed.
  13. What are the dimensions of your tank? How far above the water line is your fixture? What kind of livestock do you have? Do you want "POP" or want to add growth? Are you keeping the T5's? There are several factors in determining how many LEDs and what optics are required. We really need more information to give a good suggestion.
  14. My LFS is selling a tank he had for coral display. I think it's like 36x36x20 rimless with a center and two corner overflows. It has tank, sump, black stand and I'm not sure what lights. I know him pretty well and he told me I could have everything for $600. If you are interested let me know and I will get exact information and the bottom line price.
  15. Cancel me pastey I just got word a shut down got moved. I'm going to have to talk to my boss and just tell him that work is really screwing up my hobby. Wish I could make second friggin thing in a row. Hope everyone has a good time.