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  1. WELL I also stumbled across this . looks nice. looking to take the plunge and buy a ring and the big tank will get me closer to that goal. so i figure if i can downgrade to a smaller tank and just set it up on the countertop it would look better and free up some space in the house i think the cadlight 4 gal will be good
  2. had an idea to take down and sell my loaded cube for a 2 or 3 gallon pico and run a FOWLR? suggestions ? ideas?
  3. ya man no prob, the one thing i can help out with. lol
  4. as someone who tinted windows for a living it will work. you NEED 3m or llumar tint. and install it correctly
  5. I have a nitirite test just no ammonia. Won't changing 2.5 everyday rekick my cycle
  6. Hoping for the best. I just changed 2.5 gal. Small.but I didnt to.much. changed filter floss. Hoping that it was.maybe just
  7. Worries me. I don't want to lose it all so far I have the clown small starburst coral a small 2 head frog spawn and a single head Duncan. If only I could ditch the tang
  8. Nitrate 0 ph is good like 8.2 all is OK temp is 77.
  9. Over the past couple days my.nitirite has been slightly rising, nothing toxic but def keeping an eye on it. I checked the filter floss and it had what looked to be red decaying food so i swapped it oit for a new one. Should I water change too? Could it be the tang I'm temporary holding?
  10. I don't either i been going to the place since they opened. Don't get me wrong they are very very clean and organized. I do like to.go.there. the fish arent too bad.on privw . But the corals are a little.higher than other places such as reef coral