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  1. I have always had problems with them. Seems they go after corals after aptasia is gone. I’ve even had some stop eating aptasia to eat certain corals. .
  2. I used the clear mesh from amazon and the build your own screen kit from Lowe’s. I have seen people say fish jumped through diffusers. I have used screen tops even with a canopy .
  3. Might want to put a screen top on the tank clowns are known to jump .
  4. That’s all I heard besides beta testing .
  5. https://www.icp-analysis.com/ this is my suggestion to anybody having trouble this triton test is done in the US .
  6. What are your parameters? Sometimes doing more is worse than doing nothing .
  7. I feel your pain. I had to take over the office. Now that tank is coming down I have mixed feelings
  8. Pictures don't do this tank justice. Very beautiful tank in person. Rock work looks so good. Cant wait to see where you go with this tank
  9. Damn I hate to hear this. Your tank was always my inspiration. I know how you feel i lost all my corals and a few of my fish in my 300. It caused me not to want to keep tbe tank. Now i am trying to get back into it. I really wanted to see what you would do with a 300. Damn 4000 I hope that was tank stand and canopy
  10. Thanks i will been meaning call. I still have a lot going on.
  11. Thanks. I thought about red bare bottom but I cut the holes for the overflows kind of big also my pistol shrimp goby combo wouldnt like it.
  12. So put sand in tank and moved some rocks around. Had to use some marco cement to help with the stability. Hope to get water in tonight or tomorrow. Ready to start my cycle. .
  13. Tank should have had water a week ago UPS busted up all the boxes of sand so only 3 bags got delivered. Tank is plumbed just need to cement the rocks in place. I need to install the outdoor outlet cover and move my phone box hope to get that done tonight