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  1. Did anyone ever take of the black trim around the top and bottom of a fish tank? If so can you tell me how you did it? Thanks
  2. I saw petco has $1 per gallon tanks rite now so I'm thinking about starting a 40gallon for now instead of my 75. If I do a 40 gallon will I need a sump and protein skimmer? Also this will be a fish only tank no corals!!!
  3. Haha okay buddy thanks for the help I'll get with him!!! What kind of tank u have? Send me some pics bro
  4. That's what I figured too man thanks!!! Should I wire it all together where everything comes on at 1 time or how should I wire it?
  5. i work at a sign company and deal with a lot of LEDs for signs all the time so I can get the leds for free!!! I was wondering if anyone knows if those leds would be ok for a fish only tank? I can put 90 LEDs on 1 ballast!!! What colors should I put? Thanks
  6. I have a 75 gallon tank and wanting to do all led lighting on it. It's a fish only tank so if anyone can tell me what's a good led to use for my tank I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks
  7. Just finished my house and looking to start up a tank again. I want to do coral inserts is there anyone who knows where I can buy them? For now it will be a fish only tank until my new born baby gets older. Thanks
  8. I have the coralife new one plz send pics
  9. I have a coralife biocube 29 and looking to change the lights to all LEDs have anyone done this? If so plz post pics
  10. It eats really good and seems to be happy it swims all over..ita in a 55 witch i know is to small for a.tang but it is small
  11. I dont have the extra money to buy a qt tank rite now.what shpuld i do?
  12. I added a cleaner shrimp and a dose of kordon ich attack a day
  13. just relized my blue hippo tank has ich what should i do?
  14. How much per.gallon? Wherr are u houma?