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  1. I have a brand new fluval 13.5 for sale, still in the box
  2. All fish pending for tomorrow
  3. Mimic is pending, the rest are available
  4. Decided not to setup my 150, so the fish that have been in quarentine for the last year are up for sale. Located close to Carencro.Blue tang, 3-4 inches, $50Foxface lo, 5 inches, $502 Barr Rabbit fish, 5-6 inches, $40All fish are fat and healthy, been in qt for over a year, all were treated for parasites and bacterial when purchased and then in copper for 3 months, all now been in straight saltwater for atleast 6 months
  5. I know you dont want to go smaller then 20, but I have a brand new fluval sea 13.5 kit, new skimmer, sand, salt, rock, and hydrometer, all new in the box. $200 or $300 with an AI prime hd
  6. Got this as a bulk deal, I never personally set it up and dont have a need for it. Needs overflow box build and I'd add a center brace, but holds water with no leaks. Comes with trigger 30 sump, reef octopus classic 150 skimmer, couple of t5's, and a black box led light. I'll toss in a return pump. $350 obo. Located in Carencro
  7. Bought this a while back, but never got around to setting it up. Comes with Fluval 13.5 still in the box, New Fluval PS2 skimmer, 17 lbs of Reef Rocks 2.1 nano thats been sitting in saltwater and a damsel for a couple of months. New sand (still in package), salt mix and a hydrometer. Asking $200. Im located around the Carencro area, but work in lafayette.