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  1. That is some great news guys! great work to our team! w00t w00t
  2. Nope, I have drilled about 5 tanks. Granted, I am still nervous.
  3. I will start drilling the holes in the tank tomorrow.
  4. So my first decision to make is how many holes to drill. I will need at minimum 4. One for a feed to the external pump and another for the return. I will need another two for the Sump and return. Once I get a number figured out I need to plan on where to drill. I think I want the return from the Recirc pump to be directly in the center. That is unless I go with two returns from the recirc pump on each side. Either way I will be using those rotating heads on every return line going into the tank. I have never used them and really want to try them in this build.
  5. Parts are starting to arrive so I thought it was time to start my build thread. This is going to be a 25 gallon Nano. Hole saws arrived this week, waiting on the bulkheads to get here in the next couple days. I want to double check sizes before I start drilling.
  6. looking good! give it a few more months and you will be sitting back in amazement of your creation.
  7. what happened to listening and talking to the rocks? lol though I do like what you have here.
  8. Yeah! Total props to creating the GIF. Google Photos Assistant will build them for you if you are a google user. The Aquascape looks good. I think you will really like it once you get some frags on there. It is always difficult scaping the smaller tanks to create an open sand bed look, but I think you have achieved it. My only suggestion would be a small piece of rock out front in the middle, but that could easily be done with a plate coral of some kind.
  9. Totally going to have to make the trip down there when I get things up and running in the next month or so to pick up rock. I thought I was going to have to order online or drive the 4 hours to NOLA area. Side note, I was told this today by a Palestinian that I am friends with, We both sorta made a look at each other after he made the comment and we both started laughing.
  10. My cabinet is able to fit a 5.5 gallon tank. The largest size I could probably squeeze in there would have to have a foot print of 20L x 9w. The 5.5 measures 17L x 9W x 11H. Now that I have decided that I will be doing a sump I need to figure out what I will be putting in there. lol I took a look at those AI lights. I liked what I saw and will be getting those.
  11. That's some really good insight man, thanks! I doubt I will fork over the money for the Kessils, but I will surely look into the other two. As for a mixed reef, I never really cared for the way they look. Just doesn't seem natural to me. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  12. I have seen those Kessil fixtures! those things look like they are built and designed by Elon Musk, and prices as such. before I start looking into lights I need to figure out what I want with the tank. I don't think I will be doing SPS, but I also don't want a softy tank. The wife wants a Mangrove tank, which I am sorta 50/50 on.
  13. I haven't even begun to calculate the flow I will need but a rough idea would be something like 250gph. I was thinking on a tank this size a 1/2in bulkhead would be enough, and that is where I get the figure of 3/4in hole saw.
  14. I see that! I have done around 5 nano tanks in the past, though nothing smaller than a 20. I think I will sump it just so I can drill the tank. I love drilling glass. I guess all I need is a 3/4in hole saw bit. Which I'll order tomorrow from mother China. Still debating lighting, I will most likely start with my current fixture just out of curiosity.
  15. So, as some of you have learned, I'm getting back into the hobby. I am starting a new project that will have a 25 gallon display. (oddly that was the first size I ever did a reef tank in) As, I look through the websites I used to I notice some things have changed/advanced and others seem to just disappear. I gladly take any recommendations on good reads for Nano style reefing. My biggest hang up stopping me from putting water in the tank is the equipment. Part of me wants to get a sump/skimmer and drill my tank. All things I have done in the past, though never on such a small scale. If the tank was smaller I wouldn't even consider any of this and just rely on water changes to keep things in check. I don't like HOB style equipment and love DIYing. I have about a hundred and one questions right now, so I will let this sit and see what everyone chimes in with and just go from there. Thanks!