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  1. I think I will actually be able to make this. It will be my first one. Do we need to bring anything to help out? I'm a frag virgin.
  2. Your tank is freaking amazing. If I can can get mine to look a quarter that good I will be doing great!
  3. Thanks guys...I tested the nitrites yesterday and it was reading 0.25 so I think I definitely need to wait a little longer. I hate this hurry up and wait stuff.
  4. Hi All...It's been a while since I have been on the forum. Life gets in the way too much. Anyway, we have purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea and have been having it setup with just water, dry sand, dry rock, and one small live rock from our Biocube 29 for about three weeks. I would like to start transferring everything over to the new tank but I would like to get you all's opinion on the best route. The biocube is about 9 mos. old with two clowns, 6 line, lawnmower blenny, and a rainfordi gobi. As far as coral, we have ricordia, two small RBTAs, GSP, wellso, xenia, hammer, torch, frogspawn, and a few other softies. Everything in the 65 is stock at the moment. The biocube as a media rack with ChemiPure Elite, purigen, and chaeto. It also has some cyano and flat worms. Should I just take as much water from the 29 and put it in the new tank along with the live rock? Anything else special I should do? This is my first move and I don't want to shock or kill anything. BTW, I haven't tested any of the parameters of the new tank yet, but I will do that tonight. Thanks!
  5. I hope everyone is okay and didn't lose anything. My biggest worry was my tank. Is that bad? Lol We were VERY lucky and only lost power for about 5 seconds. Although I have to say I was pretty scared because that was some serious wind!
  6. My power isn't out yet, but I know it will happen. We tend to get quite a few power outages here. I didn't think about Walmart. Yay! I will try there. Thanks guys.
  7. Starting to panic a little because the generator is not working. I just found out about battery operated pumps (newbie) but don't think Amazon will be delivering on Wednesday. What is the best way to proceed if I can't get power or air? Stir up water periodically and turn off lights? By the way, I have a Biocube 29 with a heavy bio load.
  8. Chad, sun polyps need to be fed as they do not get fed from the light. Get a syringe or something and try feeding it. Do you have some mysis? If not, let me know and I can give you some.
  9. Need a bigger tank.

  10. My power just went out! It's not here yet is it? In all seriousness, how long is okay without any power at all?
  11. I guess we are going to have to dust off the generator and make sure it is in working order. This is our first time having a tank during hurricane season so I am a little worried. What should we be most concerned about? Circulation or lights?
  12. I work in IT, so I have special connections. lol
  13. I live in Houma and I have an ammonia test if you would like to borrow it. BTW, I think Pet Express will check it for free, and Coral Fever charges a few dollars.