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  1. Is this still available?
  2. Simple uni-celluar organisms have other means of getting nutrients. Also to add to my above statement, if it non-toxic dino, higher ph and alk levels will not kill it.
  3. Your test will come back as zero. The dino or whatever it is will take in those compounds before your test can read them. Do you have any snails? If you do, they should eat the dino, but one type is highly toxic and will kill them. If you notice that the snails are not dying, get you a sea hare. They will not cure the problem, but will help it. As stated before, the biggest thing is getting a positive ID on it. The next steps after that will vary. Letting your nitrates get high (2-3 PPM) will also help.
  4. Jordan would be your best bet (Tobias Funke), he ID'd some pretty nasty stuff in my tank a few days ago, where others could not. If i had to take a shot at it, i would say dinoflagellates. Running a reactor could help, increasing your skimmer (or bigger skimmer), growing a refugium, basically everything to decrease the nutrients in the water. Ive heard of people raising ph and alk, but never looked into it for myself to find any truth behind that. Plus, i dont think your problem is big enough to where you have to consider that option. As i said before, Jordan would be your best bet. He has been helping me with a bad bloom in my tank.
  5. Cant find the articles she was reading to me other than stuff on other reef sites. I called my sister, who is in her last year of med school, and she explained it a little to me. Being that the water is 0 TDS, your cells have a chance of undergoing osmolysism (spelling?) which is when your cells burst due to too much water intake. This can also lead to an ion pump deficiency, which can then lead to an electrolyte imbalance. Then something about higher blood pressure due to your kidneys not being able to take the necessary amount of water out. Didnt mention anything about intestinal tract, and i forgot to ask. But that was what i read online. Im not a big fan of city water either especially Lafayette water. It literally tastes terrible. I use a 5 gallon Kentwood dispencer.
  6. Just found out a couple days ago that drinking RODI water can kill you. Had no idea about that. I use to drink it all the time, then my girlfriend (who is a health freakkkkkk) started reading about it, and changed my mind quickly. It causes bad intestinal tract problems.
  7. Yea Tobias suggested that i use Tech M so thats what im dosing. Im not sure if a sea hair would eat it or not. But with my high mag levels, im sure it kill the sea hair.
  8. Can't believe i never heard of the water change using the skimmer. That is awesome. If anybody saw my other thread, i have a algae bloom like you have never seen before. So i nuked the whole system with magnesium yesterday. And did a water change a few days ago, which seemed to make the algae enjoy life even more.
  9. That could be caused by a lot of things. I would try to clean the sump, prefilters, bubbles catcher, all of that stuff in the sump. Ive heard of people having luck with shutting the lights down for a couple of days also, but that is only possible if he/she has the right kind of corals. Also can be caused from lack of flow, low salinity, high nitrites/trates. Did you do any water test?
  10. I Started pulling my tank out of hypo today. I'll come swing by next week after everything gets back to normal. This is Vic
  11. Not necessarily it will actually make your tank cycle in the same amount of time, but it will not cause your parameters to not get too high. It keeps everything lower. http://www.fishforum...cling-are-good/
  12. In lafayette there is Pet's Unlimited. Okay selection of fish, but very nice stock of corals and good prices. There is also tropical fish bowl. Great selection of fish priced a little high. Very nice selection of coral and coral frags priced nicely. Hope this helps
  13. Well i guess wine collecting and reefing go hand in hand. When you have a bad day with one, the other is there to pick you up, or make you forget, whichever way you look at it hahaha
  14. Yea its just crazy how everything works like that. And back then $900 was a lot more than it is today when it comes to saltwater. My girlfriend is convinced im losing my mind with the amount of money i spend on this hobby. But like you said, i just kind of accepted the fact that when something breaks or goes wrong, it will be a couple of !00 to fix. The thing that shied my dad away from doing it was the company told him half the reefs usually fail in the first year and they didnt guarantee or warranty a thing. Nowadays you hear some horror stories, but definitely better than 50% success rate.