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  1. Thanks! No warning signs at all. Everything was great and working great. When my brother told me my tank was spraying water everywhere, I thought to myself, I know I had everything covered. Especially with the sump in the sump in case it overflowed. The entire silicone seam its basically gone. I can move the front glass and its clearly separated. I really hated to get rid of the fish because I've had them so long but i would rather them go to someone and live than sit in a rubbermaid container.
  2. Well a big update... One of the seals busted yesterday putting about 50 gallons of seawater into my room... Without me knowing it. I was outside doing yard work when my brother went by my room and smelled a burning smell (powerhead fried) and saw water spewing everywhere! We spent the next 6-7 hours doing damage control and getting the fish into an emergency tank. Ended up selling just about everything that night. Posted on the Just Fish Facebook page and literally within minutes I had the fish, lights, skimmer and the other power head sold. Now I just have Live Sand left. I was extremely sad to see everything go but due to the circumstances, I think it was the best thing. The fish are going to a new 200 gallon home alone with the Nem. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice and expert opinions. I will get back into the hobby again, just not sure when but the next time, I will make sure I have all the proper equipment and everything setup prior to getting livestock and everything.
  3. Well small update... The nem seems to be doing good. Got what looks like some diatom bloom going on. I'm assuming this is because of the new sand and new water added... but its slowly going away. Not as fast as I would like but its going non the less. Not sure if this is a norm for nems but it looks like this sometimes... Not sure what its doing... So far the "bubble tips" have yet to show. From what I've read, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Also, my clowns haven't hosted it yet. The bigger one seems to be warming up to it, getting really close to it then swimming away. From what I've read, it does take some time for them to host. I really need to get an RODI Unit. Not sure how I would be able to set it up currently. I also need to get an ATO. It's annoying adding water every 4-5 days.
  4. Yea this thing is crazy lol, I woke up this morning and it was all curled up and only the tips were hanging out but it slowly came back out and looks to be doing great. Would it look bleached because of it being new in the tank or would it be a light issue? I have to adjust my power heads anyway, they are slowly moving the sand bed and blowing it away. I've got them as high as I can on the tank and have them pointed towards the top of the tank so not sure how I can fix that.
  5. Well I came home from work and got a big sigh of relief... I'll tilt the rock back down. Here's some more pictures
  6. Well I decided to get one. Got a small one from Just Fish. Acclimated properly and set it in a crevice on a good size rock. Seems to be happy, its nice and "flowy". Noticed it starting to move which I figured it would do until it finds its happy place. It's been in the tank now for a full day or more and i woke up and went to go look at it and could not find it at all. So I immediately started looking under rocks and found it under a large rock. From what I've read, this could be perfectly normal or it could be bad. I've read to where some have done this before they split, some are doing it because they are new... So I'm just going to watch it and see how it goes. Hours after first added: About 24hrs after intro: Here is a small video of it: And here it is under the rock - I actually turned the rock up out of the sand
  7. Good god this is an awesome build! Looks amazing!
  8. A small update, I've got a diatom bloom going on so the sand is getting rusty which I assume is normal because of the new tank and added new water. I was looking at a Red BTA... but I want to make sure I am able to sustain it before I get it. The diatom bloom has me worried that it might not last. The rock and fish are over a year old so the bacteria and everything is there. What yall think?
  9. A few shots Not sure what kind of Hermit Crab this is but it's huge! I really need to get some color in the tank! Any idea's on some easy things to care for that have some color?
  10. Yea, I plan on getting the specs on it to see what its rated for and what not. I'll get some filter socks and see if that helps with the bubbles. Thanks everyone! I also am thinking about doing a full clown/nem tank. I love clowns and the bond they have with nems... I've never cared for a nem before so obviously I'll start out w/ a basic BTA and gain some skills and knowledge on them. I've seen some really beautiful clown/nem tanks and that's why I'm considering it. I really like how "flowy" they are and same with frogspawn and similar types of corals. Here's an example:
  11. Also, my dad has a UV sterilizer, pretty good size one that he doesn't use anymore. He used it when he had a little pond set up, would it be beneficial to set it up? I'll get some pictures of the sterilizer up tomorrow and I'll try to get a brand/details about it too. It's just sitting in the shed now not being used. I really need to get a RODI system... I think that would greatly help me and the tank out.
  12. Thanks guys! The package said the hose clamp was stainless steel but who knows. I've had one deteriorate on me when I first got my sump going in my 55g and had to replace it with another one and it worked great. If it does mess up, I might go with a heavy duty zip tie! The only reason I went the sump in a sump idea lol is because of the extra room in case of a power outage. I don't have a battery back-up system or anything like that. I plan on getting some filter socks to help out... Could I put a sponge or something similar on the return pump? Not sure if that would dampen the pump or not. Ideally, I would just have the 29g as the sump and have someone design some baffles for it and then I could get rid of the Sump-In-Sump idea
  13. Finally set up the new tank! Pretty much took me all day to do it by myself. The sump still needs a little work... I decided to put the old smaller acrylic sump inside the 29g tank because it already had the fittings and all. The acrylic sump is too small for my return pump, skimmer and heater to fit in and I didn't want the skimmer hanging on the back of the tank. I think I'll need to put some baffles in and figure it out but I wanted to hurry and get it all set up... It works out right now. If you guys would have any suggestions on the sump, I would certainly appreciate it. It took about a day and a half for it all to clear up and start to look like a tank again. I'm noticing some micro bubbles in the tank, which I think would be eliminated with a sump design but I'm not sure. I've monitored it very carefully over this past weekend and its looking good. Left enough room in the sump in case of a power failure. I went to Just Fish for sand and some plumbing questions and ended up buying 60lbs of sand and their Overflow Kit. Comes with 3 types of bulkheads and all the stuff I would need. My return hole is 1" and the kit comes with a 1" bulkhead. So as I was getting everything set up, the 1" bulkhead would not fit in the 1" hole. So I had to go back to the store and get a slightly smaller size. It was a bit of a headache but overall I think everything is doing good. Here are some pictures! If anyone has any suggestions or anything, please let me know, I'm still kinda new to all of this and would love ya'lls advice. Pictures! Here is the return hole: Here is the 1" bulkhead not fitting: Here's the Overflow Kit: Here's the Durso type stand pipe: Here's what the kit comes with: Here's the sump in the 29g tank: Here it is all installed: Valve on the return side: Had to knock some teeth out for the return" All moved into its new spot! Adding sand: All filled up: After 1 night: All pretty (ish) Sump and LED light (used double sided sticky tape): And hers a small video of it running:
  14. I think I'll go with the Durso and if I can't fit it, then I'll try the Stockman
  15. That's one of my dilemmas lol. So many people say go with the Durso and so many say go w/ Stockman.