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  1. Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend on that date. I'm sure I can come up with a donation for Scott and his family.
  2. I think she's fixing to take her 4th one. The first three were a <BAD WORD> but she passed them all first try. And yeah you are so right.
  3. My wife is also a teacher and will graduate with her masters as an elementary reading and literary specialist this fall. I feel ya!
  4. I'll disagree with almost everyone here. Completely dislike radions. Color can be beat by AI or Kessil or Reef Breeders for that matter. Customer service is good for sure. Great news since you'll probably need it. They just aren't worth the money being asked. At half the price the kessils are a much better buy. As for large tanks, unique corals uses them for I think 5000sq ft of raceways exclusively. Their corals are top notch. Ai have solid fixtures as well for less money than radions. I have used sol blues, Vegas, and a hydra52. All very good lights. I have called AI one time but only to inquire about a controller issue. Never had a light issue. At this time, I am running two photon 16 reef breeder fixtures, one 4ft 8 bulb powermodule, and two Vertex sr200 Illuminas. The vertex are coming down to replace with a 5 ft powermodule.
  5. You are very welcome Travis. Good to see you.
  6. Good looking setup Brandon. Love those sumps for sure.
  7. Thanks Cody and Travis. I do like reef crack.
  8. Sounds like the first acan came from Epic Aquaria out of Shreveport.