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  1. Looking great man! Just a few tips. On the pipe tape you could wrap it not quite as far on the threads. For primer, you can get a clear primer that won’t color your fittings. You can also use that clear primer to get the printed barcodes and lettering off of the firings. Happy plumbing!
  2. Cant wait to see this beauty take shape!
  3. Glad to hear you are sticking around!
  4. Gonna be a nice looking setup. What are you doing with the 300? I can provide free longterm storage in my living room for it!
  5. The way I hung mine was to place the fixture on top of the tank on top of a few 2x4's where I wanted the fixture to hang. Put some tape on the ceiling and started pulling the cables up and figured out where the 2 holes needed to be. Drilled the holes and didnt hit a stud on either cable. I then went up in the attic and installed some blocking. Didnt take long at all. Let me know if you need help when it comes time. I would be glad to help you.
  6. Dave


    Well I know you can turn that around. Id love to have a huge tank like that one day!
  7. Dave


    If neglect were key I could have award winning tanks!
  8. Damn Twinn thats amazing. You should post some FTS and big topdowns of sections of tank
  9. Hopefully those are true colors and not photoshopped. Post pics when you get them. They are awesome looking for sure!
  10. If you cant find someone to trade, I have 2x Mp40qd for sale
  11. Maybe they will revisit their original thought about QT all incoming fish