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  1. @Reef Tank Greg I scoured eBay last night trying to find that kit I mentioned, with no luck. I would imagine with proper tools and a couple pieces of black acrylic it wouldn't be hard to make yourself. Or maybe outsource it to one of the awesome DIY guys here.
  2. Greg, I saw on fleabay a while back an acrylic AIO kit for a 40 breeder. Had the chamber sections and the wall with overflow cuts and return hole. It was pretty snazzy and I thought about ordering it. It used one side for the filtering section, essentially creating the peninsula tank you're looking for. Thought about it the other day actually while contemplating a new tank to downsize to.
  3. Very much so Greg. I've also setup a 32 biocube in the front office at the request of the Schools Principle. I'm going to explain the heat issue when I get home and see if we can find an remedy. I'd hate to have to add an expensive chiller to these tanks for summer months but will if I must. Other option would be to keep them very simple so that they can be moved. Not my fav.
  4. This sites bad luck. Post one pic and the damn return pump goes out on it. MJ1200 Upgrade on the way from Amazon. Luckily a friend had a spare laying around he could run and swap out for me.
  5. Well this tank got nuked over the summer and I've been busy working in Mexico to update it. Somebody decided to unplug the controller for the light which caused it to stay on constantly. Plus the school turns the AC up higher when schools out to save money I found out. Left it for a week and the only thing to save was the Clown and toadstool. Surprised they made it actually. Such a small tank didn't handle the heat very well. Fast forward to a month or so ago and I've upgraded her classroom to a 29 biocube that I made rimless. I'll be adding more rock, and softies to this tank as I shut down the 225. Clown is enjoying its new bigger digs.
  6. I haven't seen the A80 so can't comment on that specific one. I can say that I have a Kessil A160we on a biocube I made rimless for my wife's classroom and positivity love it. The Spectral controller is very nice also and pretty easy to use. I enjoy the look and ease of use of the Kessil so much that I'm going to let my Radio G3 Pros go with the sale of my big tank, and purchase a Kessil for my new cube setup. Attached a pic of the wife's cube with the Kessil. (Right after setup)
  7. Aptaisia Carpet Anemones Kirk M In that order.....
  8. Wanted to give the tank some depth look front to back. I've got lots of caves and outcroppings now.
  9. Well I finally got around to rescaping my tank last time I was home. Actually went a lot quicker and smoother than I thought it would. The Marco cement is some good stuff.
  10. Looks good Zack. Welcome to BRK! Glad you found the site, was going to tell you about it when I brought the truck back.
  11. Kirk_palys that he's supposed to be going to drag me one of......
  12. Thanks?? I think...... Added four new tangs the last couple of days. Don't know why I ever got rid of mine. Plan on catching the CBB soon and rehoming it or trading it in for credit. Would like to start collecting Acans again so not going to risk it. CBB eats Mysis like a champ if anyone is interested, just pm me. What underwater putty is everyone using? I had some stick stuff but it was kinda hard and didn't work well except on harder rocks.
  13. I hot watered what I could find. Hard to see once I removed everything from the DT. Filefish has been going after them again since I pulled him out of the overflow.
  14. Well this thing has been through the ringer since my last update. Was so close to breaking it down and selling it. Luckily life was just too hectic with more important things to deal with, so the tank survived. Can't say the same for 95% of my corals. I let it go badly and it's been an uphill climb just to get it halfway in shape. The wife's little Nano sparked my interest again, but the oilfield has a strangle hold on my spending ability. Maybe that's a good thing as it'll force me to go slow this time around. Anyways I worked my tail off the last two days rescaping the tank. Owe a big thank you to Shadow1 for fronting me the tub and rock, and to Patrick for loaning me the pump. Here's some pics of the work.