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  1. I vote 6lilfishes because 6 lil fishes are always better than 5.
  2. I can work on a video for sure. I noticed about a week ago my ALK was right above 6. After correcting the issue, and raising it to 7-8 everything is nice and fluffy.
  3. Will post better pics soon, just a few I snapped with the cell phone last night to compare growth.
  4. I like the idea but not a fan. Least with my white bare bottom I can scrap the bottom glass with a razor for that clean elegant look
  5. Painful truth. Sadly so many fall for all this crap, not to mention the ones who actually hit buy ><
  6. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah man, I was going to copy paste his avatar pic to give bobby nightmares, but that pic way over tops that!!! wait, that isnt him?........ I know he was also a red head
  7. Heh, and bobby thought his fav guy EVER (and the guys dog) from RC didnt miss him... I cant think of his name anymore!!!!! its been too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I can still picture his avatar!!!!!
  8. I would like to let everybody know, due to keeping the best interest of our reef club, I have reported this lizard lover. I do not know how comfortable I am with dinosaurs just roaming, creeping around our fish forums. People need to rise up and cage these beasts of old! and whats next? I bet Earl makes an appearance next!!
  9. RUN! for yourrrr lifeee!!!! TIS A GHOST!!! thats been lurking in the darkness, ready to branch his wings, take flight, and devour the lazy reefer!!! muahahahaa ..... wrath of bob............ SALDARYA!!!!! How are the color changing geckos doing? I mean... iguanas, no I mean...Chameleons
  10. Dude, these people are hilarious. So down to earth.
  11. The gf and I should be there =) TEAM 6LILFISHES!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have heard a few good things about them. I believe Reefbuilders also did a lengthy, positive write up about them.
  13. wow those sunshine Chomis are amazing!! Had I known about those I may have done a damsel tank instead of a planted.
  14. Indeed buddy, great great and beyond true! Although, buying equipment second hand, somewhat new, is great for my wallet.
  15. Thanks guys =) I need to make the time to keep it updated every few months. Life just gets busy and I have been slacking on doing so.