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  1. JT I was wondering if you ever got those two shirts in the mail, and if so what do you think the expected delivery date would be. I had my daughter keep an eye out today but nothing arrived. Thanks bud!
  2. JT, I included shipping charges in the two separate 25 dollar checks I sent you for the two shirts I ordered. I was wondering if they were possibly overlooked, you already put them in the mail, or my a$$hole neighbor decided to take my boxes?? Thanx bud.
  3. Greg can you put me down for another "I'd frag that" in PINK size SMALL. I will put the check in the mail tomorrow. (4-3-12) Thanks
  4. I would like to order the following: "I'd frag that" 1 Navy Blue size 2XL check In mail 3-30-12
  5. Y'all are good, it's def a clown but not a maroon. It's a Clarkii and it's about three years old and the boss of the tank. It's a cool fish but it's a pita always having to look for corals when I know where stuff is supposed to be and it's not there. :angry-banghead: So anybody looking for a xl Clarkii in perfect health, let me know. I haven't measures it but I would guess it's close to 5 plus inches and is a fat a$$. Lol
  6. Thanks for the info tank. Tony, I've tried everything but the s SOB fish swims up and completely flips it upside down or even better, it grabs any and all of he can get (sps or even zoas on plugs) in his mouth around and swims off with them and drops them behind the rocks or wherever he wants. When I had the big Acclimation box for the tang you got from me he would swim up and ram it like a bull. Then after he would go down to the sand bed and flutter his tail and make huge mounds in the sand. I'm pretty Ticked of because I've had a lot of corals including the tyree sunset monti that I got from you simply disappear..I'm pretty pissed now!
  7. Does anybody know where the best and cheapest place is to get so eggcrate. I have a frag rack but the fish in the tank do not like it at all and knock it over constantly, so I am going to have to build a "wall"'around it so the PITA fish won't grab the frags and swim around and drop them where that please. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  8. Lookin really nice Greg, plenty of color!
  9. Awesome tank and scape Greg! :text-coolphotos:
  10. Awesome tank.... Love the acans! $hit love it all!:text-coolphotos: