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  1. Nice stand! I wish mine was metal.
  2. I feed frozen peas to my tangs from time to time. Today I found my long spine urchin enjoy one.
  3. I live a few blocks off Bayou Liberty RD/Hwy 433 near the Coin du Lestin subdivision.
  4. Nice looking stand. I have a 250 dd also, but have yet to trim out the stand. I'll be following your build.
  5. I've added the following fish to the tank: pinktail trigger, Vlamangi tang, yellow tang, sailfin tang, hippo tang, 3 Ocellaris clowns, ORA gold bar maroon clownfish, African midas blenny, snowflake blenny, conger eel, 5 blue-green chromis, cherub angel, yellow coris wrasse, 2 jack crevalle, tripletail, sergeant major, ocean chub, and 2 planehead filefish.
  6. My reef has been up and running since July 2014. This is a picture from a couple weeks after I transferred my livestock from two other tanks. I recently added a lot more rock.
  7. My daughter and I visited the show shortly after opening. It was great to see so many visitors looking at such high quality corals. I look forward to the 2015 show! Thank you all for doing a great job putting the show together.