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  1. A Huge Apology to All the Parade of Tanks, I Know that each of you understand why I had to cancel at the last moment, yet I wanted to let you all know that I'm glad I did... It would've been a great time I'm sure, but the Family reunion I was at was one of the Best I've Ever been at. Thanks for understanding, Brother to Brothers, D.
  2. I will be speaking on the 1st day of the conference, and will be judging the 'scaping contest the 2nd day. Here's a Link: The event is still a few month's away so they will be updating the site as events unfold. During our conversations this morning (messaging) I invited Calfo to speak as well, so Everyone say a prayer for me. Please. Love to see you guys there!
  3. I have dabbled a bit in displays... I have a few (out of the box) ideas using lights/acrylic/and water....
  4. Do I get a chance to help 'scape?
  5. Would you build my stand next :confusion-shrug: You did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! If the ambient room temp was 80 and the water temp 81, then I'm wondering if the 117 under inside the canopy is a big issue? Most homes with reef tanks, i would say "fair guess" run a year round average ambient temp of below 80, and even at 81 water temp- if the temp is a constant 81 should have little if any adverse affect. don't you think?
  6. Nice Sump- Clean Lines "Hi my name is 'Scaper and I have OCD to the 10th Power
  7. I too agree that most "fuges" aren't truly as efficient as people wish they would be. BUT as a Natural reefer myself, I feel as though the "fuge" is often incorrectly constructed, stocked, and maintained. "a ball of cheato lying on the bottom of a sump does not a fuge make" it makes something Im almost sure, but a natural reefers' refugium.... far from it. Al, I won't go into detail at this time but an efficient 'fuge doesn't have to be Big- but it should be well thought out and maintained. :greetings-wavegreen:
  8. I could sure use some of your rookie work round here!!! NICE :text-coolphotos:
  9. How many fish are in there? and how long of a time period did you add fish :auto-nx:
  10. Holy Borbons Batman :mrgreen:
  11. how about Joe's ole' solution: get 2 Large hampter balls and place a pair in each in the 125...? :text-imnewhere:
  12. Happened to me Twice.. I'm thinking no 3 strikes for me.