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  1. Tony


    What do you have left?
  2. A lot easier to start from scratch once we are moved. With new equipment and livestock. In my experience, I would lose a lot of things trying to move. I don't have a lot of livestock to begin with on the coral side but I can always get frags again.
  3. Yes lots of changes Greg. We're not sure if we are building or buying but we do know it will happen in the first or second quarter of next year. But we are getting there. Hope you guys are doing fantastic, and Max doing well. I will definitely be more active when I get my tank back going after the move. Will need to locate a lot of frags of some of my old colonies that are floating out there somewhere.
  4. Hope all is well. My tank has been on cruise control for a while now but I am now ready to take it down for a while. We are planning to move into a new home early next year, and I will restart there. Anyway! I don't have a lot of livestock left but I wanted to offer here for anyone who may be interested. I will listed in the proper area. Thanks again for everything.
  5. Lots of cleanup. I removed 150lbs of rock, and opened up the scape a bit.
  6. I am so trying to catch up! Kirk and you so for. Wow, this hobby can suck at times.
  7. Lost alot of coral. But need to clean up before adding any new. Very depressing!
  8. Looking at all these pictures really makes me miss the way my tanks used to look. I really need to get them cleaned up.
  9. Doing better JT. Trying to get past the holidays, and slowly back into life.
  10. This hobby is expensive.