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  1. I'll take some pics tonight of the back
  2. I small update. Tank is doing great all the coral is settled in. My caps are slowly starting to color back up. I add 3 Bartletts about 2 weeks ago and I have them eating pellets already. I had a rainbow bubble tip in my other tank and it wasn't looking to hot so I put it in this tank last night. I hope I don't regret it in the long run. I still have some wiring to finish up and a few small odds and ends. I need to get a new lens for my camera to take some good pics.
  3. Had 2 problems go down last week with some tank equipment. First was my Tunze skimmer, the drive came out in shipping and cracked all the pins on the wheel. Talked to Roger and had the part in 2 days.... Love it!!!!! Next my Hydra kit that I bought a few months back decided after a firmware upgrade to blow out the royal blue channel. AI had a new board and pucks shipped out the next day... Nothing out of pocket and handled very promptly... I wish all customer service would go this smoothly
  4. Nice start. I like your choice in fish, that's what I'm going to do as well for mine.
  5. Man I wish I could do that for a living. And please ignore the wires in the back, I have got all my equipment hooked up and hidden
  6. Bad cellphone pic.. One day old reef!!!
  7. The lights are too dim to get a good shot with my phone, but you can sort of see how I did my rocks.
  8. It was hard finding a TV stand that was 25" deep. My wife put the stipulation on the glass cabinet at the bottom, that no fish stuff would be visible. I got away with the controller!!!! I'm going to try my luck and see if she lets me put my nice fish books and my dads first place championship carved duck. Give it that rustic look..... Also moved all the rock and coral in the new tank at 6 this morning...