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  1. Had it in my 125 and loved it. Had the Tahitian moon with no problems at all.
  2. Both seem to be doing fine, Eating everyday and swimming together.
  3. purple tang is about over the ich the 2nd pic was last week the first pic was yesterday.
  4. Some fish pics. my new sail i got from Benjy yesterday The purple tang rescue is looking better starting to color up and fight off the ich hog fish Yellow eye
  5. Well no one ever complains about pics so here are a few more.
  6. Coffey just dont leave your phone your id and your cc on my counter cause s**t could get real lmao.
  7. Ordered the 18-55 with some macro screw ons.+1 +2 +4 +10
  8. I live around the corner if anyone needs a place to crash for a night. P.S Coffey there arent any meth heads at my house.
  9. Kim take me under your wing and learn me something.