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  1. Something doesn't seem quite right in this picture... Didn't think a Neptune EB8 could run a 2-3 ton AC Unit... Keep up the progress man. (After you figure out what the heck is drawing all that amperage)
  2. Good to know that on the temps. I'd read (curse you internet!!!!) that wasn't the case, but possibly that's specific to the strains that Dr Tim's uses. I ended up cycling with Turbo Start from Fritz because I'd wasted come money on ordering Dr Tim's too early for my build... twice, and I was able to get the Turbo Start on short notice locally
  3. You may not have enough rock in the system or the rock isn't porous enough for the bacteria to colonize quickly enough, or you had too much ammonia input initially, or not enough Dr Tim's was used. Give it time, add more rock (or some Marine Pure blocks\cubes\balls to the sump) or add more bacteria. Also the bacteria may have gotten too hot, cold, or expired. Dr. Tim's has a 6 month shelf life at room temp. 1 yr if refrigerated. If it got much over 90 degrees, then much of the viable bacteria may have died off. If it gets below 35 or so, it will also start to die off.
  4. Typically I think you want it to be between 1-2ppm ammonia for fishless cycling with most bacteria in a bottle. Any higher than that, you are wasting money, as the bioload won't sustain the bacteria colonies and may lead to a collapse as you slowly add fish, and trigger a mini-cycle, stressing stuff out further. I think you are good on this one, so long as you are patient with the cycle. Adding more ammonia now might just prolong it. Are you testing Nitrites/Nitrates to see if the ammonia is being converted? Amazon or BRS for Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride if you need it for cycling a tank down the road. Some people claim they were ready for fish in a week with Dr Tim's and other products. It took me about 3 weeks before I was sure my nitrites/nitrates were in line, but I had over 500 gallons of water and nearly 300lbs of rock with 200lbs of sand.
  5. Great update Greg! Looks like they installed the same genny they installed for me. Definitely helps with your peace of mind while traveling and the like.
  6. Looking good Kirk. Wish you had decent internet so we could get more frequent updates
  7. *Gives Greg the side eye from the corner*
  8. Yeah, I recall your fiasco with them Kirk. Didn't realize it was the 300DD 'clone' of theirs. The quote was for 3/4" glass, with the perimeter eurobracing and 2 glass center braces, which is one of the reasons why I didn't go with low iron for the front. Said the price jumps like $1000 for that in 3/4" while it was less than $300 for low iron in 1/2"