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  1. Yeah. Just my luck. So far I’ve ordered frags from Your Reef and Pieces of the Ocean on their live sale a few weeks back. The POTO frags all came in in excellent shape and are doing well so far. Mostly LPS but a couple of SPS frags. I’ll have to adjust my lights in the display some. I think I might have been frying a couple of frags after placing them in the display. Going to drop the overall intensity by about 20%. Had one of the monti frags I got from Jerry start bleaching after a couple of weeks in the display. I popped it off and put it back in the frag tank to recover. Hoping the ORA red planet frag recovers. Did a Chemiclean treatment Sunday night and did the follow up WC last night. 99% of the visible cyano was gone when I got home from work last night. Took the baster to the little bit remaining and hoping that it won’t come back. Also saw a bit of GHA starting to grow in the frag tank. Will need to replenish snails in there and add a few more to the refugium to clear up the bits I couldn’t manually remove last weekend. Might try a baby sea hare if AH still has any. Resumed dosing NO3P4X last night to hopefully head off a potential nutrient bloom from the cyano destruction. Will see. Display is mostly clear of GHA. A few short spots that the naso ignores and the snails haven’t gotten to yet. That’s about it on the tank update.
  2. Tank is doing alright, other than still fighting cyano. Did Chemiclean last night. Will do 100 gallon WC tomorrow when I get home from work. Replacement frags came in. The freebie was the only one that didn’t make it. Looked like a pastel something. It didn’t make it long after dipping. [emoji21] Here are a few pics of stuff in the frag tank. Apparently I need to work with the gel filters a bit More... [emoji2365] The Red Planet in the front started losing flesh in the display so I moved it back to the frag tank. So far it looks like it’s stopped but will continue to watch it.
  3. Nice setup. Everything is looking healthy and happy!
  4. Yeah, that one was the first pieces that caught my eye when I checked the stuff on the WYSIWYG sale. Sucks it didn't make it. I'm hoping the replacement piece arrives in good shape on Friday, and that it's comparable in size to the one I initially picked. I believe they said thy were likely pulling the replacement frags from the storefront tanks... And Welcome to BRK @jelfonso19
  5. I got confirmation from Your Reef that they will be shipping out replacements to me for Friday delivery. Aquahut has the Hanna Alk reagents in stock usually (for dKH, but its supposed to be the same as PPM.) I picked up a new bottle when I was there Friday. When I order from BRS, I usually order 2-3 at a time, since I know I go through them fast.
  6. Well, there was some issue with the coral order. Everything except the YR Afterglow arrived Saturday morning. The frag had gotten stung and wasn't looking well enough for shipping so they refunded me for it along with a $10 credit. However when I opened the box I could smell that something wasn't right. No water in the styro, but a strong SPS smell. Sure enough 4 our of the 10 frags had RTN during shipping, and the other 6 weren't looking so hot. I checked the temps, the heating pack was at 101 degrees, and the coral bags were 74-75 each. I took pics and started the slow acclimation process. Only 2 of the frags made it through acclimation. Those two frags are still looking ok as of this post. I notified Your Reef sales via email and sent the pics and the temps I took. Stacy got back to me in a couple of hours. She felt that the heat pack may have gotten too hot at some point during transit. They will be replacing the lost order items this week. Just need to determine if I will take off Friday for it or have it come Saturday. They do have a 7 day livestock guarantee, which is good. Surviving: Emerald Rose Acro Reef Raft Tropic Thunder Montipora Lost: Radioactive Acro YR Gem Acro JD Blueberry Tort YR Pomegranate Acro YR Rose Bud Acro Furry Twist Milli YR Repo Man Acro YR Pastel Shortcake It was disheartening for this to happen with my first online livestock order for this system. I didn't have the drive to do much else this weekend. I tested Alk/CA and mixed up a new batch of saltwater to do my next WC. Alk: 10.4 CA: 440 SG: 1.025 Phos: 0.07 Mag: 1480 The spathulata frag that started to RTN on me is still hanging on to that little patch of flesh, so there is maybe a chance it will recover. I will continue to leave it be and frag off the good piece if I see it starting to encrust again. I told John to let me know when he frags his colony again, as I want to get another piece of that one. I picked up a Burning Banana and ORA Jedi Mind Trick frag from Aqua Hut on Friday. Those appear to be doing well so far. That's about it for now.
  7. Good to hear that the parameters are stabilizing for you man. Sucks to hear about the Jaebo's. I bought a couple for my system and one of them started leaking voltage while I was doing the water tests early on. Magnet swelled up on that one too. Tossed it. The 2nd one is still running, but I'm only using it in my SW mixing tank. I fully expect it to fail soon. Looking forward to future updates man.
  8. How's the revamped dosing going? Let's see some updates man. You going to do a ghost overflow in the 120?
  9. Thanks Ken! I plan to start placing some corals in the display this weekend if stuff in the frag tank still looks good.
  10. Also took a quick video of the display earlier today. Pardon the cyano, I'm still fighting that...
  11. Things are humming along more or less. Did another 75 gallon WC yesterday. Your Reef had a sale going on and I ended up doing a little ordering. I've got these pieces coming on Saturday. Emerald Rose Furry Twist JD Blueberry Tort YR Afterglow YR Pastel Shortcake YR Pomegranatre YR Repo Man YR Rose Bud
  12. It's not likely to happen just because coral was added, but could with some of the marginally "reef safe" fish. I had a coral beauty that was fine for 3 years, then one day I caught it nipping the ends off of some of my SPS... There are no guarantees, but it does pay to research.
  13. Wow, it's really been almost 2 months since I updated this thread... shame, shame.. Here's the quick and dirty rundown on the tank: Diatom explosion is mostly gone. Just cyano now Lost the Kole tang right at the end of October. One day it was looking fine and eating well, showing no evidence of ick, the next afternoon it was covered and dead the morning after. The Gold Rim tang was doing alright after that, started showing steady ick, but was eating heartily through it. It lasted about 2.5 weeks after that before it passed on. I still have the Swallow-tail angel. Seems healthy and eating well, albeit spent a lot of time hiding in the rocks after the tangs died. Had been having a terrible time getting Alk/CA up with 2-part dosing. I was up to 250ml of Alk per day (BRS) and still having to dose Fusion 2 a couple of times a week to keep it over 8 dKH. So I added a Reef Octopus CR5000D 8" Calcium Reactor to the tank the last week of Oct. Got it pretty close to dialed in before my vacation. Was gone for 2 weeks and a couple of days and without dosing Alk went from 9.1 - 8.5... Not perfect, but better than I was getting with 2 part, where it would go from 9.0 to 7.0 in 2 days. I also added a CO/2 scrubber to the system. The first week my pH jumped from a high of 8.02 to 8.2 during the day. I'm seeing somewhat lower numbers now, at 8.14 highs but it's better on average now. Just don't know if I can keep up with the media replacement. I got the large scrubber, and get 2 weeks or so out of a canister. Also the current BRS formula has a very, and I mean 'very' slight color shift to purple. Inside the canister I can't tell it's changed. Have to open it and compare it to something white to tell. Hoping they fix that soon. Another thing I did was to rework the outside air input setup. Originally I had it pulling air in through the sealed container, then pushing through a big container of carbon media to clean it. I found that I wasn't getting hardly any air output that way. Since I don't have an exterior mounted air pump that could force air in with a higher pressure, I changed it up a bit. I converted the back half of the airtight container to a carbon bed, separated with filter pad and egg crate. Since the air pump only pulls from the air around it (not a direct line diaphragm pump), it should be able to pull the 'cleaned' air through the tubing that terminates in the carbon, then using the outputs to push that air into the sump. I was running it to the skimmer air intake, but found the effect minimal, especially compared to the CO/2 scrubber. So I have an impromptu standpipe where my refugium and frag tank drains into the sump where I stuck the 2 wood air stones. With the vertical pipe above it, and the elbow below, very few of the bubbles make it into the sump. After I returned from my vacation, things were good other than cyano was creeping back. Had to go out of town suddenly at the end of the first week of Dec for a funeral. When I got back my Alk had dropped from 8.5 to 6.5 over a week! Was trying to figure out what happened and saw that the effluent output had stopped. Guess using the 2 valves to keep the pressure down in the reactor chamber caused the slower drip to clog. So I cleaned it out, and opened the lower 1/4" valve on full and kept the top 1" valve choked almost all the way closed, with the needle valve nearly wide open for a steady trickle. So now I have to get it dialed in again. I dosed up to 8.7, then with the increased effluent at 6.5 pH, that rose to 10.0 in about 6 days, of me tweaking trying to get it to level out. I've raised the pH in the CARx to 6.7 and I'm now monitoring to see how it does. It was 9.1 last night after a 75 gallon water change. I've lost a couple of frags in the past month or so. One of the Acropora Spathulata frags I got from the AH meet started to RTN on me after I got back from the funeral trip and discovered the Alk had tanked. Once I got the Alk dosed back up, it stopped. Most of the flesh it gone, just a few iridescent patches on the branches. I'll give it a week or so to hopefully decide what it's going to do, then it if looks like it's recovering, I'll frag the tips in hopes of saving it. I'll have to see if John has another frag of this one I can get. It's a pale rainbow like color. The other Spathulata frag I got from that meet is still looking good, although a little brown/darker, even though they were directly next to each other on the frag rack... I also lost the Duncan frag I got from that meet. It was looking bad when I got back from vacation. Not sure what the deal is on that one, but I'll wait a bit before trying a Duncan frag again. Some of my zoanthid/paly polyps decided to go floating around the frag tank. I haven't fished them all out yet. Maybe they will latch onto some rubble or glass where I they can get a good base that I can scrape off and get a good solid area to glue onto a plug/rock. From my last round of tests: Alk: 9.1 CA: 425 NH4: 0 NO3 10-20 NO2 0 PO4: 0.07 Hanna ULR The nitrates had crept up a little over the 3+ weeks I wasn't able to change the filter socks/pads or do a WC. Not terrible, but higher than I wanted. Likely why the cyano is creeping back. Need to retest the NO3 now that I've done that WC and changed the socks. Picked up a decent sized Naso from AH last weekend. He cleared out 99% of the visible algae in the display overnight. Shortly after the lights came on the morning after adding him, the angel started swimming out in the open a lot more... Go figure... A couple of things on the horizon for the system. I noticed that when I make salt water and let it sit for a few days, the Alk tanks. I made a batch of water on the 21st, didn't get time to do the WC until the 24th. Good thing I checked the Alk, because it had dropped from 8.4 to 6.5!!!! I dosed it up to 8.7 with Reef Builder and did the WC Christmas Eve morning. I believe even though I constantly have a power head running in my water storage bins, I need to put in an air stone to keep it better aerated when mixing and storing. I've got another dual outlet pump coming, so I'll test that theory after the first of the year. I'm switching to the Fritz high Alk Salt, to keep from needing to dose up my makeup water so much.
  14. Jury is still out on the speed of media usage for me. It’s only been running about 3 weeks now. I got one of the jumbo reactors from BRS and the first full lasted about 2 weeks before I noticed the pH trending lower. I refilled it just before I went on vacation so I’m hoping without me in the house for hours each day it will last a little longer. I think if 2 weeks is the average for me, the 7lb bag of media would last me about 6 weeks @$35 or so per bag. I should add that I also drilled holes for a couple of 1/4” tubes to the outside that I now use to push air to a couple of air stones in the sump. I now have them running into a standing piece of PVC so most of the bubbles don’t get into the sump. Originally I had it feeding the skimmer intake and only saw a 0.02-0.04 average improvement in pH, and would still range from 7.9-8.07 on a daily cycle. After the scrubber it stays stable higher. I have the pH probe on the CaRX set to 6.5 currently.
  15. I added a CO2 scrubber to my tank with the Reactor and it’s been doing a good job at keeping the pH in a tolerable range of 8.07- 8.16. My only complaint is that the purple shift in the BRS media is very slight if the light isn’t just right or you toss a few pieces of new media on it to compare.
  16. Good to hear Jensen. Hopefully things are on the upswing.
  17. Did you let Adam know that it RTN on you? Sucks to hear that man.
  18. Nice grabs. The pop of yellow in that Teen Wolf looks extra nice. Hopefully one day I can snag a frag from you. If I ever order directly from BC I'll likely go overboard and need to take out a loan... Took care of the duplicates for you.
  19. Aqua Hut is running the following special sales for the meet:Reef Nutrition buy 2 get 1 free Rods Food buy 2 get 1 free Livestock/coral buy 2 get 1 free (Does not include snails or hermits)*Free item of equal or lesser value of lowest item of the 2 purchased*Door Prize drawings will begin at 1:00!Up for grabs are:1. 24” current USA Eflux light2. Refractometer3. Current USA Eflux double pump wave maker kit4. Large mag float scraper kit5. Fluval 13.5 gallon EVO 6. 7 - 6 oz Reef Nutrition foods7. Fluval 160 gallon salt mix8. 4 gift cards $50 each to Aqua Hut. 9. 5 bundle packs Rods Food.*Each attendee will receive 1 free ticket on arrival. Winning any item removes your ticket from the remaining drawings. Must be present to win.*
  20. ATTENTION! The BRK meet at Aqua Hut is not a frag swap. Outside frags will not be allowed inside the store. There will not be a holding tank provided for any livestock brought to trade. The Aqua Hut team will be running a special sale during the meet. The door prize drawings will begin at 1:00. Come on out and join us! We hope to see you all there.
  21. I did a couple of searches and found a few threads that mention that happening. Usually with people dosing kalk along with 2 part... As I'm doing. Definitely seemed to be concentrated around the base of the rocks. Oh well, I'll have to keep an eye on it. I don't want to contemplate going bare bottom. I don't like the look.
  22. Sucks to hear about your tank troubles man. I noticed that my Caribsea special grade doing something similar on the backside of my rock scape when I went to vac it on Saturday. Which is weird since the only difference there is it doesn't get direct light, and the front of the rocks was fine, except for the cyano.... I guess its only been 2-3 weeks since I went to vacuum the sand bed, so it wasn't bad enough were I couldn't break it up quickly with the vac tube, I just still have some clumps back there. I wonder if that is where your CA/ALK has been going... I've been dosing 200ml + per day for weeks, on top of a gallon or more of kalkwasser... Could it be that the sand is sucking it up? I literally have no visible coraline in my tank, but if I stop dosing I will drop from 8.5 to 7.0 in less than 2 days. I only have 5-6 smallish frags of stuff that would have any sort of CA/ALK demand, and that stuff isn't really growing yet.
  23. Thanks guys. That's almost exactly how I envisioned it when I bought it. Too bad it wasn't a 6' long painting.
  24. Diatoms and cyano still in full swing currently. Getting ready to dose chemiclean. While preparing for maintenance today, I decided I needed to finally hang up that painting I picked up on vacation last year. What do you folks think?