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  1. The company probably won’t accept the return of you ship it back. Keep it, use it if you feel comfortable that it hasn’t been tampered with.
  2. Yeah I wanted the bigger one but I didn’t have enough clearance above the refugium to mount it. The H80 give me about 8” of clearance above the rim of the tank to spread.
  3. So... diatoms in full bloom. This is what my tank looked like when I got home from work today. This is what it looked like after taking the siphon to the sand. I didn’t mess with the rocks much before this pic. After I took the turkey baster to it a bit. I didn’t spend too much time on that. Gotta leave something for the snails and tangs to graze on.
  4. So a tank update. This past weekend I did the following on my system. 1.Plumbed in the Coralife turbotwist 12x UV sterilizer into the manifold. Need to get a new O-Ring set as the one big one was missing. I've got it dialed way back and its not leaking, but I'd feel more comfortable it I didn't have to have a bucket sitting under it... 2. Finally plumbed the frag tank into the system. 3. Cleaned out some of the clutter in the fish room. Still got a little more to go, but the boxes are gone finally. 4. Tested CA, noticed it had dropped from 420 - 390 in the week, so I guess something is taking it up, since there are no corals in the tank. Probably coraline somewhere i haven't noticed. Bought some Fusion 1 to dose it up to 440. Will test again tonight. Alk dropped from 8.7 to 7.4 over the course of about 2 weeks, so I will probably need to go ahead and put the kalk stirrer online with very small daily doses separate from my top off dosing to keep it stable before I add any corals to the tank, to offset whatever it taking up the CA/Alk in the tank. Going to be out town a good portion of the next 2 weeks for work, so there won't be much in the way of activity on the tank. I expect the glass with have a thick coating of that brownish film when I get back. Going to need to invest in an algae magnet for the back and sides of the tank... Was looking for a spot where I could put the webcam so it can look into the tank, then noticed how much algae is on the side glass. One downside of having a tank with a window into another room, but glass sides in the fish room that can be seen through, you gotta clean all the glass Brandon @saltyfish808 doesn't have to worry about that with his plywood tank, just let coraline grow everywhere! Still need to get media reactors plumbed in. I have a general Reef Octopus media reactor that I will use for carbon, and a RO biopellet reactor that I will likely use for GFO when I need to worry about that. As of Saturday night's tests: Alk: 8.4 Hanna dHK - Will probably try to maintain this around the 9-9.5 range. The 120 did very well in that range. CA: 440 Hanna & Red Sea NH4: 0 Red Sea NO3 5-10 Red Sea NO2 0 Red Sea PO4: 0.01 Hanna ULR Want to get my hands on a PAR meter to tune my lights in a bit. Also looking at replacing the fixtures I have currently with the Orphek V4's when I have the money. Should be able to get better coverage and capability with 3 units. I'll look into that more closely once I come back from vacation at the beginning of Dec. Really hating that I don't have controller interface capability on these Reef Radiance units. I may see if Rick @RR has a way for me to add that to these older fixtures for less cash than new fixtures. But man those Orphek fixures are sexy... That's enough rambling for now. I'll try to post some pics tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Looking great man! I love how you got that red & blue/purple favia growing. I have the perfect rock in my tank for a piece like that to grow out when I'm ready for stony frags. I got the compact version of that light on my 40 breeder refugium. Not as powerful as the one you have, but I can see the macro under it already taking off.
  6. Thanks Ken! I'm waiting for a couple (few) more weeks for the tank to settle in before I start messing with corals. Work is going to be crazy until the weekend of the 22nd and no idea what they are going to throw at me after that. Want to hopefully get past the nastiest of the brown crud covering everything phase before putting anything other than fish in.
  7. I will not waste money on that crap @mknightryder. I'll let it happen naturally.
  8. I'm right there with ya man. My rocks and sand have this yucky brown algae/film on them right now, that just gets thicker by the day. I know I gotta deal with it for a while. :| Before we know it the tank will settle in. Looking forward to seeing my first patch of coraline
  9. I thought about doing a CO2 scrubber, but don't want to go through the trouble of replacing media for it. Seems it could get pricey if you are pulling a lot of CFM of high CO/2 air through the scrubber. I've already got the 1/4" holes drilled and tubing feeding through them into a weak AquaLifter pump into a tub of carbon to clean the air before pushing into the skimmer. I'm going to take one of the more powerful pumps I have at the house and put it into an airtight container, then plumb the 2 lines from the outside to feed into the container, sealed with silicone, since the pump draws air from its bottom side. Both of the outputs from the pump will push out through the side of the container into the carbon tub, and into the skimmer.
  10. Saw this video posted by ReefBuilders tonight while looking for something on YouTube to put on in the background. The content of the presentation was really interesting to me in regards to what coral is like in the wild compared to once it is acclimated to living in an aquarium. The presenter has an accent, but lots of good info I feel. If you got half an hour or so to kill, feel free to check out the video. The first couple of minutes is Jake from RB talking, FYI.
  11. Added my first fish to the tank last weekend. Went with a Gold Rim and a Yellow Eyed Kole Tang, as well as a Swallowtail Angel. All are active in the tank and eating nori, mysis, and NLS pellets. Although the Angel ended up in one of the overflows the first night, all seem healthy after I fished him/her out. I will be traveling for work a bit over the next few weeks, so I'll probably hold off on more fish for a few weeks. Wanting to get an Orange Shoulder Tang, and maybe a Clown Tang, and cap the tangs at 4. Planning to get some starter polyp corals in a week or 3, once I get the frag tank back in the room. Took it out for a good cleaning, and just haven't had the energy to move it back after being sick a couple of weeks back. Going to attempt to rectify that this weekend. Planning to hook up the UV sterilizer as well. Drilled a couple of holes to the outside and fed some tubing through so I can pump fresh air into the skimmer for pH assistance. It had been hanging around the 8.0-8.04 range. Hoping to get that to stay stable higher. Had an ALK drop during the cycle. Water was mixed at 8.5, and after cycling for 3 weeks it was down to 5.6! Only thing I can figure is that the rock absorbed a bunch to balance what was stripped from the muriatic baths. Dosed it back up to 8.5-8.7 and over the past week it dropped down to 7.8. CA has been holding steady at 425. Have not dosed that yet. Starting to see some brownish patches on some of the rocks, so that may be the beginning of the ugly algae/diatom phase... I can't blow it off with a turkey baster, so prob algae. I'm going to see about picking up a few initial members of the clean-up crew tomorrow as well. Here is a short vid I took last Sunday. I posted to FB but hadn't gotten around to posting here. Cheers!
  12. Looking to be coming along nicely Sucks about the nudis.
  13. Sorry to hear about the losses man. Always tough when it happens.
  14. Not getting much done this weekend. AC is out and temp is about 81 in the tank currently. Hopefully the AC guy on the way can get me cooling down quickly and cheapish. (Yeah right!)
  15. Knew you couldn't stay away man! Welcome back!
  16. I know man. It’s been a long road to get here. Still have a bit to do but there isn’t anything that should prevent me from starting the cycle now that I have the generator. Going to attempt to plumb the frag tank into the main system this weekend without destroying what I’ve done so far. I just had too many issues keeping it stable enough for stony corals with the limited time I have to work on the system. Which is why I tried to set up the display so I can add more automation as I go and have the funds. Hopefully John will have gotten the starter bacteria in by tomorrow. Need to decide on where I’m going to mount the dosing pumps. Was looking at how I intended to plumb in the reactors and don’t think the way is going to have the outputs feed back into the common drain will work. Will look at how I need to rearrange them tomorrow and get a game plan on what I’m going to do there. Need to make some screen tops for the tank. Thinking I’m going to go Acrylic for these so I can address come cutouts for the over the back returns. Need to decide on what fish I want to add first. I’m sure there are things I’m missing but these are at the front of my mind.
  17. Alright man, will let you know. I figure I’m 4-6 weeks from fish, probably a bit longer before I mess with any corals other than zoas, palys, etc. Added ammonia drops last night to kick off the fishless cycle. Waiting for John to get the starter bacteria in so I can dump that in. Hopefully today or tomorrow. Ordered some Apex optical sensors to I can set up a trigger to refill my water reservoir when it gets low from the 75gal RODI holding tank.
  18. With rock and sand! Between the display, sump, skimmer, plumbing and 2 remote refugiums, I estimate it took around 420 gallons of saltwater to fill everything to running level. Got some pieces to order for the top-off and need to get the reactors plumbed in, but now that the standby generator is online, there is nothing to stall for.
  19. This one got me too. Anyone want an unopened 225 gallon bucket of Aqua Vitro Salinity? Just kidding, I may use it to start the new tank, dose it to where it needs to be then continue with the Fritz I have after that.
  20. Crazy, I never had any issues with peppermints in my old tank, other than they would die off after a while. I never had an aiptasia issue in that tank, but would get peppermints periodically to keep the ones I potentially missed from exploding.