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  1. Those pesky snails... Good luck with the M-80! I appreciate your updates Jensen!
  2. Awesome pieces Jensen. I’m sure it will start to fill in for you soon enough.
  3. Oh it has to happen Ken. It'll cost me too much to rip that sucker out at this point. It at least needs to see saltwater for a little while
  4. Looking good J... Well that bacteria bloom doesn't... but we all hate those
  5. Wow... It's really been that long since I've posted an update? Sheesh, I need to take myself out back and shoot me. I guess the MACNA run-up, execution, and exhaustion that followed did a number on me. As for the state of the tank, I've not done a whole lot of note since my last update. Filled it, let it run for a while, then drained the system a couple of times to be sure. Determined that the 'leak' was from salt creep that had accumulated down inside the plastic trim, so as it gathered moisture from the air, it dripped through the gaps and looked like a leak. After cleaning out those gaps as best I could (compressed air, etc) the next fill up didn't show the dampness I'd seen previously. Post MACNA I had filled and drained it again, and attempting to get as much of the gunk off the glass and walls of the sump as I can. Work, holidays, and vacation has been getting in the way of that, but I should be ready to get movement going in the next couple of weeks. Put a 50% deposit down on a 20KW whole house generator a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully I'll have that installed before hurricane season.
  6. Oh yeah, that's a massive amount of rock. And a ton of gunk that came off in the acid bath. Looks like you got some nicely interesting pieces though. I think that other than the Pukani, I don't have much in the way of interesting rocks. I should probably cook the rock I pulled out of the 120. Had a couple decent pieces of Fiji and Tonga in that batch. Was worried about nutrients leeching from the soup that tank had become before I tore it down.
  7. It was painful to read the thread about the loss man. Not the way I envisioned your move into the new place happening.
  8. Thanks for the replies @kirk_m & @mknightryder. I may give the mixing with water suggestion a try. The liquid part is now white and not pink... Looking at the data sheet, the liquid portion has a shelf life of 12 months when properly stored. I'm sure I've had it for at least 2 years... Oh well. @lars I may ping Frank over at Aquatic Sealife to see if he has any of the Aquaforest stuff in stock on Saturday, if using water doesn't do the trick for me. @110reef The majority of my rock will just be stacked in the tank, however there are some pieces that I want to put together to incorporate some flat mounting structures for corals and overhangs. Not something that can be easily achieved with stacking or PVC/rods, and still be completely hidden.
  9. So... I went to buckle down this past weekend to put together my aquascape and get water in the tank. Started trying to cement some rock pieces together with the e-Marco-400 I had bought a couple of years ago, but had never opened. After a couple of mixing, forming and having to chip away brittle cement, I'm thinking that some portion of the cement or liquid reagent is bad or expired. I'm going to check with Marco to verify though. I want to get rock in this coming weekend, and other than putty (which I've never had much luck with), does anyone have a suggestion on something I could pick up locally (will drive to NOLA if need be). Thanks!