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  1. I'm looking forward to the move. Everything should be nicely settled in before MACNA.
  2. That's the thing, if it was an actual leak, there should be standing water or a trickle somewhere. I'm not finding that so far. Just some dampness when I put my fingers on the rubber pad. I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if there wasn't some sort of tape still on the top of it. I expect to have it completely drained of the water in it tomorrow or Friday, then will work from there to clean out any remaining old salt creep left over from the previous owner. One step at a time... :|
  3. Well since you asked @Reef Tank Greg... As much as it pains me to say, I believe that one side of the tank may be 'seeping'. I've been checking, double checking, and triple checking, but until I drain it, completely check and dry the rubber gasket underneath the tank, re-level and fill it again, I won't be able to be completely sure. I've been monitoring this since a couple of days since I did the initial test fill and while I never saw water running down the side of the stand or on the floor, the rubber gasket has been slightly damp on the left side. Initially I thought maybe some old salt creep may have been drawing in moisture from the air, but I tried to clean up any of that I could find trapped between the glass and bottom trim. There was a fair amount of salt creep that I blew out from there, and I can't say I got it all out. If I run my fingers under the glass, I can't find any damp spots, but the gasket itself is damp. With drains in place I can't say I'm getting every spot with my big fingers though. So the plan is to drain it this week, then get a couple of people to help me lift the empty 450lb monstrosity to set it on some spacers so I can access under the trim, then dry for a few days and lower it and start again. Or I can just say screw it, and look at what it will cost for a new tank & stand, and all the work required to get this one out and new one in (ie. wall access... :|) Not very happy with my aquarium situation at the moment, while I've been dealing with this, the frag system decided that it no longer wanted to cooperate and most of the stony stuff isn't with me anymore. So I'm going to have to rework that in the process. I may convert that to one of the extra 40 breeders I had set aside for the fish QT. Or if I catch the next $1 per gallon sale, grab another one that I can throw a Ghost Overflow on and make it into an actually viable frag system.
  4. I'm still working! I wanna see some pics... Gonna try to swing by when I get a break.
  5. If you are on top of your GFO and other maintenance, which I'm sure you are, then yes, it could do that.
  6. So a little update on progress tonight. Return pump: The slinger washer wasn't the issue, so I pulled the pump and took off the volute. Impeller was fine, but noticed a scraping noise when I turned the impeller coming from the back of the motor. It appears that the back cover of the motor had gotten jammed in on one side during shipping causing the motor shaft to scrape against it when turning. Probably happened during shipping. Fixed that, tightened the screws down on the back, removed Teflon pipe tape and put on thread sealant. Pump back in place. Powered on Golden! Sump - Drain side: Looks like one of the bulkheads on the drain side of the sump cracked, so it's spitting water up through the gap. Of course the way it's designed with the drain chamber in the back left corner means its going to be a pain to get that one out. May just wait for it to dry out and plug it with clear silicone. Will revisit tomorrow after work. Sump - Return side: Still got the small leak on the return bulkhead. Will seal when I drain before going salt. Skimmer: Got a big enough set of channel locks, got the union off the pump. Lo and behold, the O-ring on that connection was missing. Must have fallen out when I took it to CoralVue a while back to get it checked and we didn't catch it. Luckily I had a union in the same size (40mm) that I bought at the same time in case I needed it, so I stole the O-ring from that. Seal is great now. Haven't turned on the skimmer, will check this later in the week, once I get the Refugim tanks: Top tank, looks good, no leaks, have to dial back the return a bit to match drain speed. Bottom tank, doesn't work as I had hoped. Once the common drain line fills, the bottom tanks (still above the drain) stops draining back to the sump, and even seems that small amounts of water may be flowing back through the drain. Almost overflowed it twice, so I have it shut off for now. Thinking That since this tank sits below the top tank, the external pipe I have with the cap that has the hole drilled into the top needs to be raised to match the tank on the top. I drained the water level down to the bulkhead, and will cut and extend it tomorrow evening. Found a tiny drip at the bulkhead. Will hit it with silicone once it's dried out a bit. Common drain: I have the common drain flowing back into the center chamber of the sump through a 1-1/2" pipe, and it is putting out some bubbles. May have to address that if I star having issues with salt spay from that section since it's not covered. It's not glued where it turns to go into the sump, so it can be easily changed out with maybe a spraybar contraption that sits just below the water level or something. Bears watching later. Tank overflows: With the return wide open, I was getting some surging into the overflows, causing them to fill, then catch up. Dialed return line back to about 75% and that appears to have stopped, and overflows quieted down. I used the standpipes that came with the setup, so they may need some work it the volume gets to me. Didn't find as many leaks as I was expecting, so other than the setbacks above, I think I did an alright job on the plumbing. Will have to wait to run system for a prolonged period until I fix that drain bulkhead. From the living room side the hum of the pump is noticeable. I believe that may be coming from where the return pipe is touching the mounting board where the EB8 is mounted above the pump. I'll have to take the jigsaw to that to see if that goes away. Don't need that corner of the board anyway. I'll get a video of the entire plumbing setup at some point once I get the room cleaned up.
  7. Took a look at the pump before heading out to work this morning, and sure enough, the slinger is flush against the body of the pump. I'll slide it back when I I get home. Hopefully that's the issue with the loud metallic squealing noise... Gonna stop by Home Depot on the way home to see if I can get some channel locks to work on the skimmer union. Will also get some more pipe dope or something like that since I didn't realize I shouldn't use teflon tape when I put the fittings on the pump. I'll fix that after I drain all the tap water out of the system next week, after addressing any found leaks.
  8. Found a section in the troubleshooting guide about the slinger may have gotten moved in shipping. The FAQ has this listed as a possible source of the squealing sound. Hopefully it's that simple. I'll check this tomorrow after work before pulling the pump out. I'll have to pull it anyway and replace the thread sealant. Got a tiny leak on the output side.
  9. So... Tank is full, sump is full, open up the valves, remove the pump intake elbows, flood the pipes... Plug up the Barracuda... turn on the pump outlet on the APEX... And... instead of the quiet hum with bubbling sounds I expect, I get a LOUD sound from the pump that sounds like someone is slowly cutting sheet metal with a saw with too low rpms... Thinking maybe there is air trapped in the pump or something, I disconnect the union above the pump and I'm greeted with a small fountain of water before I quickly tighten it back up. No bubbling from that end that I noticed. I get some out the intake side though, which I thought was odd. Check everything again. Turn it on again, same thing. It is moving some water, because then I notice that the pump output on the skimmer is leaking like crazy. Turn pump off again. Try to tighten down the skimmer pump. Seems tight already, so maybe the O-ring is bad. Can't get the leaking union to decouple... Going to have to find a grip big enough to get around the fitting so I can turn it. Hooked up a hose and drain the skimmer body into a bucket while trying to keep it from dripping on the floor and the return pump. The return pump issue is disappointing since I sent that pump off a while back to be rebuilt by Reeflo, and this is the first time I've been able to actually put water to it. Guess I'll be pulling it out tomorrow after work and inspecting the impeller. Maybe a mud wasp got in there while it was in the garage and made a nest or something. I thought I checked for that before I hooked it up, but I'm finding those in unusual places in the garage, so anything is possible. Hopefully it's something simple and I won't have to send it off again. If that happens I'll buy a new pump and get this one repaired again as a spare... Other than that I found 1 leak by the bulkhead going to the return pump. Tightened it down by hand and it slowed to a tiny drip like every 4-5 minutes. I'll probably hit it with a bead of silicone before I put it under pressure. Can't check the rest until I can get all the pipes under pressure. Found a leak I apparently caused when pulling out the SW tank to clean yesterday in the room drain piping. So I'm going to have to deal with that too. But at least that's not in constant use. Man, I was expecting this part to go quicker than every other part of this build so far...
  10. I'm just going to leave this here... Water test time!
  11. That sucks Kirk. I thought the Sunpower was primarily for horticulture, but would work for Reef.
  12. Heck of a nice looking tank there!
  13. I seeded my 120 with about 5 bags of copepods from Joe Knows Reefs and added a few more bags every 6-8 months to keep the populations up for my Mandarin. Amphipods I got from chaeto and rock. I don't see a reason to split them up. The amphipods will take a lot longer for the population to grow to decent levels. As long as you got chaeto in the sump both would be fine. Probably too early for the rocks to have enough algae to sustain them only from that.
  14. You likely won't see any for a long while unless you move over rock or chaeto from a well established system. Without fish picking them off and only chaeto or transplanted live rock, you won't have enough population to see them for at least a month or so.
  15. Personally I stay away from chromis. Every time I've attempted to get a group of them, they always end up picking each other off until there is just one left, which mysteriously dies or picks off any new chromis I try to add. Cheap fish, but not worth the effort to me.
  16. I'd probably just try to chip off that bit of rock out side of the tank. I've heard mojanos will spew spores when they feel threatened. You may not be able to get full coverage with superglue to prevent a spore-casting...
  17. Sorry for the late response, but its always a good idea to test any stored salt water before adding it to the tank as well. Alk & CA may precipitate out over time.
  18. Spend the bit extra to get stuff designed for reef aquariums. The stuff sold at HD or Lowe's could have had a formula change recenly that added something not bad for potable water, but could kill your reef or fish. Reef Coral and Aqua Hut usually have some on hand. Last thing you want to deal with is having to restart because some unpublished agent was added to the 'potable water safe' epoxy. As for your rock work, I'd say the final look you want is up to you. That being said, I like to see a variety in the rock formation, a bit of grouping to create hiding spots, maybe an arch, but don't try to get too uniform or linear. Also make sure you leave enough clearance on the ends to get our algae scrubber all the way to the sand bed.