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  1. have started to add some LPS pieces and also got a pair of clowns.
  2. Thats a camera phone!? great pictures, and great growth. Love the cloves all over the rock, and it is really cool they will give way to the other corals.
  3. such a great looking tank. Love the scape. def one of my favorite tanks out there.
  4. looks like you are running out of room. Let me know if you need my tank to hold some for ya
  5. looks good! I like the scape. what kinda coral you going with?
  6. looking good! Rimless make a huge difference IMO. that is why I went with the Nuvo. If you are going with a Mandarin you should look at ORA. they say theirs will eat prepared food.
  7. Let me know if you need to dispose of any of those gorgeous LPS's :-)
  8. they are pink and yellow polka dot!!!! how could she say no!? Just dont let her see the $$$$ haha
  9. says the guy in the middle of putting up a 65G
  10. These also have your name written all over them :-D just have to sell a kidney first
  11. ah, that will be cool. a few schools of anthais and flashers will be awesome. Think I saw a Hawaii flame cheap at petco....I think it was petco.
  12. where are the tangs? looks like your fish stock is 1/3 of what it was
  13. Angel and maybe a flasher wrasse?
  14. you have the best photos. love all the mushrooms and think the scape is amazing.
  15. Looks great, man. Is the 40 LPS all going into here?
  16. well around the first of the year, I had a tank crash while I was out of town. Electricity in my living room went out the same time the temperature droped below 20. When i came back needless to say nearly all coral were dead, as well as clowns/blenny. I was tempted to close down shop on the tank, til after graduation. But decided to pick it back up and get it back on track. It was good to see that my dottyback, cleaner shrimp, some CUC, shrooms and zoas made it. A few weeks later it is back on track, although quite empty . This time I am going for more of an LPS tank rather than SPS dominant. Tank right now has the dotty, cleaner shrimp, some peppermint shrimps that swiftly got rid of the aiptasia , and my new flameback Angel. only coral I have added is a goniapora. sucks to lose so much, but glad that some made it and to still have it going.
  17. cool info on some animals. a good few that we are able to keep.
  18. rewlee

    My 120

    Great tank, did she paint all the art in the photos? some great work!
  19. Added a few pieces. also a few older corals so I can see the growth. -Sunset Monti and birds of paradise small frag -Verde Acro -Ice Fire Echinata...Still pretty bleached, but getting good polyp extension. Is it a lower light SPS? -Red planet, maybe? other corals I cannot get a good picture. Monti setosa blue cali tort purple haze acro blue green tenuis green slimer meteor shower
  20. My order from Cultivated reef came in and I am pleasantly surprised. packaging was top. love those sealed bags over the tied bags. onto the frag, great sized! got a very large meteor shower great color, blue cali tort nearly 2" and another frag I do not know what it is. not bad 3 coral pack for 55 bucks. also he hooked me up with a fire and ice enchinata for a great price and it is a mini colony! Greg has great prices and is great at working with you. I would highly recommend. I will post pics when I get done with class. And to add I also had an order from LA/DD and I am greatly disappointed. one box from LA other from Dr.Foster&Smith. well LA was fine just a fire shrimp. but the "DD" package was ICE COLD. fish was pretty much DOA still trying to get him up, but not looking good. That was the only reason I made the order so that is disheartening. It really was crazy how cold that water was, 0 heat pack, no newspaper or anything for insulation. Just over all disappointed, but at least they will be helpful after this, Just sucks I lost this fish I really wanted and it was forever sense I saw on on DD. Royal flasher btw.
  21. also love seeing all these Nuvos!
  22. If you want a turtle I have one you can have. it's an Ouchita map turtle. it's about 3 years old and wont get very big. This is it and where I got it from. when I got it, it was the size of a dime.
  23. don't use hydor koralia's or maxi jets. Tunze or a WP25 are great.