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  1. This is a awesome tank. and some great photos as well.
  2. IDK if you already ordered, but Vividaquariums has both, and every order I've had with them has been great. I think there overall amount for "free shipping" is higher they are a great site to deal with. and also have some great corals. I did see Kole's on LA DD recently, as I got one :-D.and the price difference may have been male vs female also. Males are usually more expensive as flashers go.
  3. Great event. Hate I had to miss the first 3 places, but really enjoyed my time at Richards. Thanks to everyone involved, and the food was great Richard. Thanks for the Frags Jensen. and Jerrod hit me up sometime I'd love to come check out your tank, and could use some advice on mine.
  4. And if either of you hattieburgians need help before the event let me know. I would be happy to come help set up things.
  5.,-89.213963&spn=0.042522,0.08626&sll=31.349532,-89.220314&sspn=0.170056,0.345039&geocode=FSKX3gEdwsus-g%3BFd713QEdtCGv-g&oq=evelyn&mra=ls&t=m&z=14 Here are directions to Slingblades.(I think)
  6. Looking forward to attending this event, and seeing peoples tank who actually know what they are doing, haha. I probably will only be able to attend the 2 here in the hattiesburg area, but I will try to make the 2nd stop at benjy. Cool to see so many people organize this. looks like it will be a good time.
  7. I really like these Nuvo 16's. Might have to get me one :-D
  8. I'm about to get one of those too. They do seem like great little tanks. what are you going to do for lighting?
  9. how is the tank doing. I am looking at getting one of these, and would like ot know how you like it.
  10. wp 40 by jebo? idk what a jp 40 is.
  11. Havent updated in awhile. Tank is doing good. Not running a skimmer at the moment, also would like to find a way to make the overflow a bit quieter. Have added a few peices of SPS, and they seem to do fine even without a dosing. I would like a simple dosing regime to help growth of corals, as only the LPS seem to be growing atm. a point in the right direction on dosing would be greatly appreciated.
  12. hahaha. says it in the title. Just now noticed.
  13. that is a sleek set up! I really like the look.
  14. Thanks A2C. That cycle will be done soon! @Kirk its a lemon peel mimic tang. Its colors will fade when it gets older. When they are Juvi's though their colors are stunning.
  15. Few new additions. Tank seems ok. prams are good, and everyone seems happy. here is a few pics sense I have a camera for the weekend.
  16. Thats not real is it? the other 2 are real though.
  17. If its real I want one...I say fake.
  18. ^yuuup diver was added, but is a real jelly.
  19. Here is a fun little game. Lets hear what you think, real or fake. First one: what you think?
  20. even if the screen is covered it wont matter too much. Once you have i where you want it has a remote. Great light as well. I just hung mine finally. Cant beat it for the price.