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  1. a big new addition. a pair of swallowtail angels. quite amazing fish. ive always wanted some of these "midsized" reef safe angels, and its really cool getting a pair. they are still a bit shy but eating on day 2. the male stays near the back and kinda chases the female away. hopefully they can pair up!


    also, one of the first additions is starting to be a bit less shy. i know they are super common, but royal gammas are so striking. such an underrated fish!

    angel pair.jpg

    royal gamma.jpg

  2. Hello all, new year, new tank. I know most people just use the FB page now, but that thing is pretty much a buy and sell only place. I like looking and talking about tanks! so, why not!

    After months of procrastination, ive upgraded from my 25 lagoon to a 90 gallon all in one tank. the tank actually comes from @Darth Tang who did a great build thread here on it. its a PA tank (I think) turned into an AIO. 

     well i finally got it up and running and all my equipment.

    running 2 Hydra 52 HDs, MP10 & a Jabao, Tunze 9012 DC skimmer and Tunze ATO. probably going to update to feed straight from my RODI unit. 

    its been running for a bit now, have 2 clowns, yellow tang and royal gamma that everyone bullies. looking at adding a pair of swallowtail angels next. 

    have a few corals for now, duncans, hammer and gsp. not going crazy in on corals for now. want to set up some kinda dosing system for when i start to add things. 

    overall looking good, breaking in the skimmer, so many bubbles. cant even put the cup on it for now, pretty much just have to let it bubble out. guessing that will work. 

    have to say, darth tang did a great job on this tank. totally feeling its dimensions and footprint. using a buffet type cabinet for a stand and have it reinforced. 

    FTS Build 2.jpg

    FTS Build.jpg


    tang gif.gif


  3. Got my ATO moved to the closet next to the tank now. Really cleans up the area. HA is nearly gone, and the diatom bloom has gone away completely. Levels are also looking good right now. Feather duster has made its way behind the rocks, so wont be seeing a lot of him for now.... other then that, happy the tank is clearing up, and the clowns are eating. 



  4. I am looking at getting a redstrip hogfish, but am finding their at different sites, they are different fish.


    Live Aquaria has the "redstripe"

    although they say other names are candy stripe, and black spot.


    at blue zoo, they have the "candy stripe"

    both share the same "common names"

    as you can see, different looks to a degree, but I am not sure if that is just age, or specimen. from what I could find, they are different, but not sure how. color? size? temperament?


    LA has them as smaller fish >4 inch while blue zoo has it a 7 inch. that is a big different to me, for them to be used interchangeably. Just wanting to get some more specific information if someone has some. Thanks!


  5. Stocking list.



    pair of clowns

    Goby shrimp pair or jawfish. not sure which I want.

    smaller algae blenny

    flameback angel

    maybe a smaller wrasse.

    and a BTA




    going to stick with mostly LPS.

    I want a few torches/frogspawns/hammers

    I really want a nice Trachy brain as the center piece. 

    Also want a few zoas and some GSP.



    still have to set up my ATO and let it cycle, but the LR did come with a few snails still hanging on. 


    Right now I'm just running some floss not using the InTank media holders right now. figured using Chemipure right now would be just a waste.

  6. I 2nd Boxers. Great dogs, but goofy and stubborn, but super sweet. Not as big as most think. I have a 4 year old male who is right about 50 lbs. He has never had a problem with the heat, but he is indoor. 


    Bull terrier would be a cool dog as well. 



    I would also suggest a rescue, and dont rule out mutts

  7. tank sealed, water test went well.


    Now added saltwater, dry rock, live rock. I built a scape before I put it in, but didnt quite turn out like I like it. I'm sure I will be tweaking it a good bit. Still pretty cloudy, hope it is clear by tomorrow. Super excited to have a saltwater tank in my house though. been awhile.



  8. got my tank resealed, just need to let it sit for a couple days. hopefully will have saltwater in it by wednesday. Also got my rock. some live, some dry. bit disappointed in the live rock a couple pieces are just bad. but got enough to do what I want. Excited that I will be up and running in just a few days.

  9. I'm excited to say I am headed back to salt. After a few weeks/months of deliberating I am setting up my 30 gallon AIO tank. I have thought about going bigger, smaller, or different, but I figured this tank is pretty much the perfect size for me right now. I water tested the tank today, and will reseal the divider for the back chamber because it is letting water into the back through the bottom seam. other then that everything is a go. Got my salt, sand, ATO, test kits, so I am ready for this thing to get saltwater in it.



  10. The old live rock question. Just wondering where you all think the best place to buy live rock is? I wouldnt mind locally, I live in Biloxi.


    Ive looked online. so far the best I've found is Premium Aquatics, with a mix of live rock and dry rock. as well as pink fiji sand. 



    Looking to maybe order, or buy this weekend. Thanks guys!