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  1. Man, a rock to hide me! That's refereed to as a boulder LOL Been fishing a lot, not keeping them but eating them now pal! Hope you have a Merry Christmas man
  2. Had a great time! My God Bless you all and have a Merry Christmas! ~CJ
  3. You way over yonder!! LOL Your welcome aboard my vessel anytime!!
  4. Yea I just realized it was Memorial Day weekend also, I'll be down the river it's tradition, however, if it helps I can pass off my easy up tents, 6' tables, cords and anything else you might need to Jeff by the weekend.
  5. Yea it's funny about them other halves, I spent around 22k on a boat, another 2k on electronics, 2k on gear, fish every moment I can, that don't bother her, if I added salt to warm water for gargling it would be WWIII LOL on a side note, thanks Mike for helping out my friend Tisha Raiford, they good people man.
  6. Miss ya Kim!!! Jeff and I took the kiddos fishing this eve, seen some cool birds and wildlife, told him if you was with us all we'd hear is click, click, click, hold the boat still LOL
  7. Dude did she have to take the Praxis, holy heck that was a fiasco...
  8. Yea buddy!! did you go get your free ice cream I told ya about? I've got the fluval edge 5g still, been itching to set it up for fun
  9. How Y'all are!, Been awhile since posting on here, life has been fun last few months!! I'm fishing a lot more, my son is in soccer and daughter is still in dance, wife's about to graduate from SLU with a Master's Degree in Special Needs Children education pre-k - 5th, and while she's still going to college, she is also full time teacher in Hammond working with special needs children. So we are sharing more than the usual parental responsibilities, as some may know my son is still receiving blood/plasma transfusions every other week here at home, it's a 5-7 hour procedure that sucks and breaks my heart, but it is helping we can see minor improvements after every treatment. I truly still love BRK for expanding my network of friends, all the awesome events, and being a part of an amazing group of people. Most that are Facebook friends have stayed in touch and that means a lot! Never know I might be coming around more and maybe in a different capacity. Frags, Plugs, and GFO, ColdJoker
  10. Congrats Jeff!! I don't miss the hobby quite yet because fishing and kids have been eating my time up, but I do miss getting to chit/chat with a lot of you. Jeff will be a reliable and vital asset to BRK, strong will and straight shooting attitude will play a big role in upcoming events and plans. Cheers man!!!!