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  1. And she's got water! And the view from my recliner:
  2. Got most of the set up done this evening. Just waiting on water to finalize everything and get all the wires wrapped up. The little Current light and power head both plug into each other and are controlled by the app and the remote, definitely didn't know that and it's a cool little surprise ?
  3. Looks like forgot about a pretty important item, my RO/DI unit Just ordered the Aquatic Life Twist in RO/DI unit, should be in tomorrow, and I'll hopefully have this thing wet this weekend
  4. Well, the wife wants to keep the current end table so I'm going to have to get creative ? I cut two pieces of 3/4" plywood and laminated them together, gonna paint it Black and use that to support the whole tank on the end table. It only hangs over a couple of inches so I think that'll hold be fine. That'll also give me a little extra space on the back to mount some electrical stuff. Now I gotta see if my ATO container will fit in the table or if not, it'll go in between the table and the couch.
  5. So here's where the tank will go, but I'm going to have to build a new stand/end table. And the initial equipment/supplies for the set up
  6. Glad to hear it's starting to turn around for you. You gotta get it turned around so I can get some frags?
  7. You know it buddy, and you're one of the ones that never let me forget about the saltwater addiction ?
  8. Thanks! Glad to be back, got salt on my brain ?
  9. Dang Kirk, so happy to see that you got the tank up and running but hate that you're having all the problems. Keep trucking, it'll get better, as you know.
  10. Yep, couldn't stay away forever. I'm trying to convince myself to stay small this time so I don't get too strapped for time dealing with the tank, my kids still need a little attention and I just got me a Doberman puppy a couple of months ago, and he's a handful. A small tank should fit in nicely though.
  11. So, after a 3 year or so break, I couldn't help myself and had to get back in the hobby. Definitely down sizing a bit, going from my 300 DD to a 20 gallon Innovative Marine Peninsula. I'm going to try and keep this build simple and mess free, but we'll see how that goes . I'm having to start from scratch, since I sold everything I had. I've ordered the tank and I think everything else I need to get it started. Going with a Current USA Orbit Marine LED light, upgraded Sicce pump, Current USA Wave Pump, Cobalt heater, IM ATO, dry rock, Fiji Pink sand, salt, carbon, etc. Should have everything up and running by next weekend, will definitely update with pics as I have them. I'm planning on building a stand and placing this tank right next to my recliner in my living room. It's good to be back!
  12. Awesome tank man! Congrats on the upgrade.
  13. I'd definitely build what you want, limp along for as long as it takes you to get settled in and then go all out on the build you want. If you do go smaller, you'll probably end up spending a good bit more $$$