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  1. After you talk to his you can call and talk to mine!
  2. i think i have a battery back up just sitting at the house not being used.
  3. LOL yeah that would have been funny if the wife would have walked in LOL
  4. I am just glad the kids did not wake up early they would have nightmares till the day they grew old. LOL
  5. Setting up my 500 went take a shower came back to find Sling Blade half way under the tank and half way out sleeping in his underwear at 5am in the morning from when he was swimming in the tank setting up rocks and sand LOL
  6. When I make it home I will see if i cant find something large with lots of color to it.
  7. With a set up like that I might have to help you out I suck with SPS. Maybe I buy a colony or two to set in there for you to grow out and pass out free frags at the meets.
  8. Is that a small Black Tang in the tank on the right?
  9. Oh ok I was going to tell you in MS i Have an old house full of some old fish store display tanks,
  10. Mine wont get out of the way of the corals.
  11. Checkitout did something eat all your fish? Nice tank for sure but I didnt see any fish.
  12. CAn any one put their tank on this one?