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  1. ATI results came in this morning. Far as I can tell nothing looks to be too outta whack... They recomend to ADD phosphorus (however the heck you do that) and to cut off use of GFO if any is in use. I haven't used any gfo in a long long time... I was curious if my NO3 was truly as high as I read them because the pinkish colors on the Salifert seemed to read between 25 and 50ppm... Well ATI LAB says its 35, so I reckon I ain't as color blind as I was told in the past! Lol I'm going to attempt to post link to my results if you guys are interested and can decipher them better than me!
  2. I was skeptical when first adding the kessil cause of the lower par numbers... I was using a par30 in a dome reflector and it grew chaeto okay, but it also grew other nasty algae all over my sump... The kessil runs circles around the par 30 and its higher par when it comes to growing chaeto!
  3. Yeah I have but I'm too chicken to try it... I can't even add pep shrimps cause my pink spotted goby always hunts them down... I figured he and my flasher wrasses would make an expensive snack out of the nudis.... So you got the H80? I was originally going to give the h80 a try, But this one came out... I knew the big daddy light (H380 halo) was going to be too big for my small refugium.... The H160 is perfect for my small refugium, but if I had one any bigger I'd have the H380 blasting it! Lol
  4. Dang guys yall act like it's been almost a year since I last posted... my bad! Well the tank is still chugging along doing its thang. Slowly but surely.. Some corals grow like crazy and there are some I just can not keep... Acans have always been one of my favs, but it's one of those corals that will look great today and slowly start receding tomorrow... til nothing but white boney skeleton... I dunno.. I know stuff is growing cause I can see it looking back at older pic. The last time I had posted I was having to dose 50mls of Sodium Bicarbonate plus the hourly kalk doses, but now I'm having to dose 140mls of Sodium Bicarbonate... I reckon that's decent. Going on a year now the Nitrates have been high like 25to50ppm with Salifert tk. I was worried at first, but I really cant say that is what has caused some deaths in the past... My Sps dont seem to mind it, so I'm just letting tank do its thing instead of me trying to force it another direction. Po4 averages around 0.07 w/ hanna low range checker. Itll drop down if I miss a day of frozen and itll get up to 0.1 if i hit the tank a little heavy feeding corals and what not. I'm not running any gfo or any carbon so I can live with that as well... The algae reactor grew algae but it was just a nasty mess trying to clean it every Cpl weeks. The chaeto would get all matted up with green hair algae that stunk, so cleaning it got old fast. I picked up a Kessil H160 tuna flora light for my refugium a few weeks back and I have been really impressed with it! I've always had decent results with par38 bulbs in work light reflectors, but this lil dude has doubled my chaeto growing abilities.. lmao I am having a tough time with fricking aiptasia in the tank. I picked up one of those ORA filefish at Fragniappe and he ate aips for a few days and then I caught him packing my styloceneillias and some Acros so he got banished to the sump. After a month I felt bad for the lil guy cause I would put rocks from the DT in there with him and he'd clean the aips off in now time. I tried him back in the DT several more times but he always goes back to pecking corals... He's still in the fuge and gets fed pellets and frozen like all the other fishes.... I usually hit the tank with 30 mls/ 3 rounds of Aiptasia Rx every water change/2wks. It seems to kill some and make them pop up else wheres... I've been wanting to try my luck with a Copperband Butterfly but just hadn't ran across one yet.. Matter a fact last week I cleaned up one of my qts and got it ready in case I stumble across one. About 6 months back I sent off a Triton test. I had very high levels of tin, lithium, and several other of metals. I found an eshops probe holder and frag rack with swollen/busted magnets. A few of my other elements were off, but nothing to get alarmed over. I've done a few extra water changes here and there to see if dilution was the solution to the pollution. Today I mailed off an ATI lab test and I'll post results here when they come in! So yeah things have been good and not so good.... I still love playing with my tank and doing experiments when I can... My son was really involved with his tank until Fortnite rolled out... We fixing to have a PS4 intervention at this house! Lmao. Tired of hearing bout buying a "skin" when it could be Frags!!! I'll try to remember to update things a little more often next time!
  5. Well anything in my tank you are more than welcome to... I have the Pavona, spongode (it's almost a nuisance coral...), purple cap, red cap, and I have some of that grafted red w/ green swirl cap as well.. You can see it in the pic above as well. @lars and myself grabbed some I forget when from same vendor and his has a lot more of the green swirly bad a** look to it than mine... Mine is noticeabley growing, but just doesn't have much of the green in it.... I'll take the bone cutters to any of them for you man!!! However, I do have an abundance of aiptasia in my tank at the moment... Any corals of mine would be like playing with fire....
  6. Oh wow those guys are small!!! I'd have never seen them.... If I had seen that in my tank I'd have thought it was just another Aiptasia... That's really neat though... I got a few ricordias that have had babies in the past. It's really cool when you find freebies like that!!!
  7. Saweet!!! Dammit I'm with you on the FB crap! I just spent 15mins looking for your post last week about some corals... Lol. Did you ever find any ORA Mint Pavona? I have some and wouldn't mind breaking you off a chunk one day. It's right above the wrasses head in the pic...
  8. Dang that's pretty cool to hear! I've picked up a few flower rock nems for my son's tank this past yr... I think out of six only three have made it.. One got in the powerheads I guess, cause we came home to some nastiness blowing around in the tank. Did a good waterchange and sucked what pieces out I could. Tank never skipped a beat.. I guess we took care of it in time... I could see how one could crash a tank if not caught in time though.... I wonder if you could put frag plugs/ disk/ rubble rock next to them and then position a small maxjet type pump at them to see if the water blasting on them would make them move onto the plugs? I know they can cram themselves way up into the rock holes/crevices, so that would be hit or miss to try I guess...
  9. This is so good! Two of our master Jedi are starting all over and going thru the Uglies! I love hearing how things are moving along in the new tank(s)! @Kirk the last batch of snails and hermits I ordered all came in as dead beats... they stayed alive for a few weeks I guess and then they were less abundant... It's weird how they all seem to die in one spot cause I swear I have 100's of small hermit shells in one spot of my tank... And they the ones the pink spotted goby didnt find... @ERIC you know you have to buy some Coralline in a bottle in order to get it in your tank! Lmao. Yeah I almost bought some back when I was a young Padawan!
  10. This was always one of my, " I wish my BAD WORD would look like his does!" tanks... Glad to hear it's all chugging along. Sucks to hear about the monti eating nudi's though... Let us know how you go about treating/getting rid of them.
  11. What?!??!?! Glad you've come back from the dark side! Welcome back man!
  12. Clearly someone has hacked @ericd000 account... Lol This has been happening for yrs and yrs and finally it is coming to fruition. Let me and Brayden know when you ready for some tester frags... I've been breaking red purple, and spongode cap up cause it's getting too big and starving other corals out. Instead of me putting them behind my rockwork, I can just run you some...
  13. I caught a bad case of either ich or marine velvet in my 150g a few yrs back. Same as you I had a total of 19 fish. One fish would get sick and die within days and another would be right behind it. It was a vicious cycle. I ended up catching the remaining fish and putting them in qt tanks, so I could treat, feed, and observe. I ended up losing 14/15 fish before I could get things turned around. This all went down so fast had I made the move earlier I may have saved a few. Sucks.. Anywho, I let my tank run fallow with no fish in it for three months. In that time my clams, anemones, and corals all did outstanding. I did ghost feed the tank lightly every week to keep corals and clean up crew healthy. Once the 90 days was up, I slowly added the qt'd fish back to the system very slowly as if the tank was just starting out. Maybe u could try the same? It's hard to catch fish (sick ones for that matter) in a stocked reef tank. Easiest way I've found is to drain the tank into any large containers I could muster up that were clean. Catch fish off sanded and then pump water back in. Caught my fish outta a 150g in 30 mins. Corals, clams, nems were all fine... When the tank is fishless(fallow) then you can work on getting rid of the nuisance algae. Of course finding out what's causing it to take hold is the first step in eradicating it...
  14. Glad to see this little tank still chugging along and possibly planting that seed that will sprout a new reefer someday! Bravo!
  15. The only reason I'd possibly miss this one is if the weather and seas are calm & flat... I'll be done with coaching ball by then and I have been dying to go off-da-shore!