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  1. Can't we all just get along? Sorry to hear that...
  2. Love this tank. Thinking about that XR15w myself.
  3. Depends on the the type of corals and their placement. Might want to start pretty high (A couple feet and bring down over several weeks).
  4. definitely dont put it in your display tank...if you have another small tank it might be a cool experiment?
  5. For sure. Definitely don't mind you looking. You'll have to post pics if you see if first, but if you don't I will post some. You are welcome to stop by and check it out too.
  6. Haha thats my tank. They told me they wanted to show it to someone. Glad to hear.
  7. I would go with something like this. Just play till you get something you like. My first thought is aim the 2 larger ones as stated. Then aim the other two at dead spots.
  8. Never used chemipure blue . Chemipure elite does have some gfo mixed in. I have a feeling that it will get pretty saturated quickly. I would reall look into a reactor. Much more effecient use of media.
  9. I say special grade as well. I dont like the sandstorms I sometimes get with fiji pink.
  10. Depends on the rocks etc. This is due to the decaying matter from the liverock you purchased. I would expect high phospates in a newer tank. Running GFO and water changes will likely help.
  11. When I had my old 90 gallon I just rinsed it off well and it cured up nicely. Enjoy that is nice rock for a great price.
  12. Got the old dslr out... need to get a full tank shot and show the system