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    everything purchased in march. some media unused. would rather sell everything together for 350. might be willing to part out if unable to sell all together. located lafayette. feel free to text 337 2five5 7419 -Tim innovative marine 10g w/mesh top innovative marine media basket mightyjet dc 326 return pump eheim jager 50w heater AI Prime 16HD 18" flex mouny XP Aqua Duetto Dual Sensor ATO mesh bags TDS meter refractometer frag rack coral RX (unopened) seachum prime (99% full) seachum purigen (almost full) chemi pure elite nano bags (half full) reef roids nano new life spectrum pellets Vibrant (full bottle)
  2. SOLD Hey all. Sweet and simple, covid has affected pay for me pretty drastically so trying to unload my softie tank and some growout frags. They have all been in my tank and healed for a minimum of 3 months, some longer. All these prices are OBO as I've tried to price them fair, if some seem off feel free to let me know. Will make killer packs of interested in multiples. im located in Lafayette and would prefer not to ship at the time being. But willing to travel reasonable sistance if packs are purchased. All pictures taken under blues with orange filter using OnePlus 8 Pro. -Timothy Dragon soul torch (single head) 150 Jawbreaker shroom 100 (small speck of red devoloping, can't get in picture. Also will come on baseball size rock, not plug) Lava lamp 20 Neptune bounce 100 (not pictured, dime size with 2 very tiny babies) zoas: 1p princess oxana 130 2p lc shadow princess 25 2p seduction 50 2p tcg beauty and the beast 50 4p psychosis 60 1p queen strat 30 11p Illuminati 125 4p tazer 70 5p superstar 50 10p bowser 100 3p petroglyph 40 2p rainbow yoda 30 4p buttmuncher 40 3p god of war 30 8p rainbow incenerator 50 10+ rainbow hornet 75 5p pink zipper 25 8p rainbow infusion 25 5p purple monster 25
  3. Hey all, debating on starting a new tank if I can find what I'm looking for. Interested in a small tank 40g roughly or smaller. Would be open to a drilled 40 setup, or innovative marine 20, 25 lagoon, 30. Something along those lines. Don't Wana go smaller than 20. Have anything that might fit what I'm looking for let me know. Located Lafayette, might drive for the right setup. Thanks in advance Tim
  4. Seeing if anyone has a used one before I grab one online. 3372557419 -Tim
  5. Hey all, been a while since I had to tear down my old tank, but am back at it again after a couple years with a fluval 13. Tank has had water in it for a little bit now still in cycle stage but the more i look at my rock, the more im stuck in the middle on it. First off, the scape is very stable and epoxy was used on 75% of it and has a wide base under the sand that isn't really visible. But I'm kinda stuck on thinking there are too many breaks in the rock or a place or two that looks like a rock was just played on top. Think this would go away with time and when the reef starts to fill up? Just looking for thoughts on the rockwork. Tell me if you like it, don't like it. What you might change etc. I have always like the minimalistic look more than rock wall to wall. And also just to give an idea, the tank will be beginner sps mid to top, Los, so as etc bottom. Any input is appreciated.
  6. Hi all, been a while since ive been on here. To basically cut to the chase, Its been about 3 years since ive had my last nano (which i parted out to make room for a newborn haha) but recently me and the mother have split up and Im currently going through a divorce. Not that you need to know my personal but its got me down and I was wanting to find something to help sooth me at times. And then it clicked. I want to start a pico reef. The only problem is, the situation I am going through has all of my finances. I wanted to know if it would be possible to set up a 5 gallon or 2.5 gallon for my computer desk and be able to have sand, rock and water in it for under $100. My thought was to try and find a small AGA, slap a Aquaclear on it for filtration help and water circulation. Find a cheaper heater for the time being and Maybe a clamp on LED light?? The goal of the tank would be to have 1 fish, CUC, softies like ZOAS, zenia, mushrooms, and possibly frogspawn/hammers. Nothing more than that. I just wanted to know if you guys think that would be possible or am I dreaming lol. I know how expensive this hobby is due to my previous tank but this would be something to keep my sane and busy staying on top of water changes and top offs. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. -Tim
  7. Yea Grimm, I used small ceader wedges in a few places and it's perfectly level and not giving any.. And the overflow I made is a tad large, it works but isn't pulling in real strong, going to try and make a smaller one when I get around to it lol.
  8. Just saw the damn iphone butchered a few words >.< lol
  9. The pic of the DIY overflow box was not finished product but shows what I was going after, I was using the bottom of an old can aster filer I had lying around so I could just hang it on the back of the tank, it's doing it's job as of now but think I could cut it a little better! Also got a new addition already, impulse buy but I was looking at it for future and it's my favorite color so yea xD orchid dottyback. He had just spit a mouthful of sand out lol Really wish I had camera besides iphone :/ but this is fts as of now, next project will be to mod AC 70 for filter floss and fuge (:
  10. Haha thanks! And yea, about the stand.. Very cheap, sturdy and it works lol will be wrapping in soon.
  11. Live stock plans : 2 clowns: one snowflake, one regular 1 wrasse (six line or flasher) 1 goby of some sort Coral : Want Sps on left side with acans and zoas on right side Also I am wanting to do one of two things with the AC 70, it will either house a nano skimmer or I will do a fuge mod for macro. Not sure will see what my system does first.
  12. Back in the game but on a much smaller scale 20L 2 foot Tek 4bulb AC 70 Aqueon heater MP 10 1 inch sand bed 15-20 lbs dry rock Pictures I've taken so far to come..
  13. Thoughts on new aquascape? I am liking it would like to just try and make the right side skinnier and taller to reach the surface, but dont have the rock to work with :/
  14. UPDATE: NEW AQUASCAPE So yesterday I came home from work and started digging in my aquarium to find myself starting to move some rocks so now I have a new aquascape that I am really digging right now. In the process of doing this, i tried to take out all the rock that i could and scrub the GHA and little of cyano I am battling off and rinsed them. Also noticed that out of the 15 or so snails i added after cycle (i know isnt a lot for a 65) I am only down to 4-5 lol Which is another reason im thinking i am getting algae and cyano, its not bad but noticeable. Also started running GFO about a week and half ago which seems to have helped slow growth. I should be order a CUC of about 50 mixed snails and a 5-10 hermits in the next few days. I had originally stayed away from hermits due to me wanting a LPS dominate tank but have slowly changed my mind lol