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  1. Looking for some zoas or palys or possibly other softies / LPS for sale near Lafayette. Had a bad tank crash a couple of years ago, pissed me off (was due to my fish store at the time), tore everything down. Starting to get the tank set up again, so nothing on the higher end until I make sure all is well. Thanks !
  2. Kind of late chiming in, but I boguht the BRS Reef Saver rock and was pretty impressed with it. Great prices too.
  3. No, this place will be in Scott itself next to L&L Florist if you are familiar in the old Darby's grocery. The pruchased their occupational license on tue and I haven't seen anything moving around there construction wise. WIll keep looking !
  4. Heard at a Small Business Association event in Scott last evening that there will be a new "fish" store opening in Scott. Person was not familiar with the details but said it will be dedicated to fish and fish supplies to include aquariums, equipment, and livestock. Unknown if they will cater to the reefing hobby. The occupational license was purchased yesterday, so may be a couple of months before we see what pops up.