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  1. Can someone delete this post please im going to clean all the equipment and repost
  2. NEEDS to be Cleaned!! Tank, stand and Canopy all purchased October 2019. Sump Skimmer Pumps and powerheads all came from a 200g system iwaki pumpS (old still work) and life reef sump and skimmer T5 6bulb lights all bulbs still work. Located in Lafayette, pickup unless its this weekend 7-18. I work out of town. 337-349-7498 price $750
  3. Hey im looking for frags of zoas frogspawns and anything soft. Call or txt 3373497498 Im in town all weekend. Thanks
  4. Call me if u have any zoas/softies FS 3373497498 i live in laffy
  5. Call me i live in Lafayette, i would be interested in buying livestock 3373497498 thanks
  6. I would like a bright orange plating or encrusting monti if anyone in Lafayette has one or any other coral for trade for one of my 20+head frogspawn colonies let me know this weekend
  7. Andd how much will they charge for "new" old tech
  8. Good read, first I've heard about these.
  9. The skimmer does have a crack and I'm unsure if the hole was there originally or not but if it's supposed to have that hole there I think the crack is fixable but either way if I have to get a new skimmer how and where would be the best place to attach it to sump? And the eheim pumps filter screen is the only broken piece but I agree it will make a good mixer for my rodi setup. I appreciate that Kirk I will give him a call thanks.
  10. From what I understand this lifereef system is pretty awesome coming from a couple people but it's no good if I can't hook it all up correctly And also I'm still in need of a few items such as lights, rocks, and a rodi unit. I have never used a calcium reactor or any other extras but I'm willing to try it out this tank
  11. My tank is an oceanic 90g with glass support and one overflow here's some pics of my progress (doors) going to plain route and seal them soon also wanted to try this haven't done it yet but I think i am going to give it a try skimmer when I got it had a line running from this hole I believe it's an external skimmer I may want to go with an internal but if you have any ways to keep it from overflowing or leaking on the floor let me know and is it worth keeping or get a new one? I have already tested all of these pumps they are all in good working condition but I don't know which pump I need to put where so again I need help on placement and any other advice such as how I should run my lines valves etc. If you do take the time to read and give advice I want to thank you and I appreciate it very much
  12. I still have my 55 up. And running and this tank was my trial and error tank. I learned a lot now it's time to go bigger so here's a few pics.. Please give me some input on how to assembly my skimmer and under tank area.. I'm still learning and trying to save money I got This entire setup from someone for free So I would like to get it back up and running in the best possible condition I have never set up a sump yet but I will be growing corals so advice please!!