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    SPS Pack FS

    PC Rainbow BC Cream City Pinky Tenuis Vivid’s Rainbow Delight Miyagi Tort Pack Price $225 Local pickup in Hammond, LA No ship/Paypal to Hold
  2. Do you happen to know the tank dimensions and tank manufacturer?
  3. Wow what an upgrade! That looks like Chad’s setup that I saw in person awhile back. Glad you were able to pick it up! .
  4. You may want to look at the CO2 scrubber options that bulk reef supply sells. I haven’t used a scrubber myself but have found others that claim their tank showed good results and enhanced growth after installing .
  5. I was always worried about adding a reactor to my system and found every excuse why I wouldn't because of the big upfront initial cost. But soon found out that most successful sps dominant tanks rely heavily on the reactors ability to keep parameters rock solid. The Skimz brand has really good reviews and will be worth its weight in no time. I will never run a tank without a calcium reactor again!
  6. Sucks to hear about the rtn on such a nice looking frag. Did Adam ship with a heat pack? I wonder if temps might have gotten too low and caused stress. .
  7. Do you know what the mag, alk, and cal levels of a new batch of mixed water register at? If the new batch water is registering high cal and mag I wonder if that's the biggest driver affecting the alk level by causing precipitation in your reef. Some swear by the Fritz salt and others claim to have issues with it on other forums, I have never used it personally but it might be something to look into.
  8. Battlecorals is definitely the best in the business when it comes to customer service and sps selection. In the past I would pickup a few things here and there from other online vendors but after dealing with Adam on many orders I became a customer for life. .
  9. Very nice piece Aaron, you may have more luck with finding a buyer if you try posting this on the Bayou Reef Facebook sales area. The traffic on this forum seems to be slower since the move to a social media platform. Good luck with the sale man!
  10. Nice sized pieces with a good variety of color that include Setosa, Purple Cap, WWC Slimeball. Pack price is $50 and local pickup in Hammond, LA (no shipping) .
  11. That’s a fantastic idea for the library! Y’all should look into the “pets in the classroom” grant for educators. .
  12. That little tank has become so much more than just a classroom pet for the students there. The kids are given a sense of responsibility during feedings, glass cleaning and weekly water changes. They are so committed to taking special care of the tank that they never forget to tell my wife if something looks out of place or ask questions when they find something new growing or living inside. The day they found a bristle worm was a huge day! My wife described it as if they made a ground breaking discovery of alien life living in the classroom haha .
  13. A quick update on the Madisonville Minnows tank! We transferred the nuvo back to Hammond for the summer and gave the glass a good cleaning and changed the water. The ric’s were eaten by a pesky peppermint shrimp unfortunately but the zoas are really starting to take off. I may need to find a few more varieties to add later at some point. .
  14. In my early days the biggest mistake was not doing enough research on everything I wanted to stock the tank with. For example wrasses without a screen top, adding a mandarin to a young system without pods, not quarantining new arrivals. Nobody is a reefing master from the start but your mistakes definitely shape your success later in the hobby. .
  15. Snagged one of my top five sps pieces from North American Coral Labs. It looks greasy under the reefbrites and photo film but couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the WD! . .
  16. Have you checked the tds of your source water recently? Exhausted rodi carbon blocks can allow chloramines to pass through un filtered and contaminate water changes.
  17. Updated pics! The tank is looking awesome despite the few aiptasia popping up here and there.
  18. Long overdue update! The classroom tank is a little over a month old and the first case of nuisance red slime started on the sand bed last week. After some initial water tests we determined the tank had elevated nutrients. This led to a proactive approach of lower feeding intervals and an adjustment in the lighting period. A few new additions from Jeremy @ Coral Cove made there way into the tank that added some nice color and variety to the system. Lastly, my wife was surprised by a student with a gift that she was really impressed with. This ocean drawing was done by a second grade student in her class that loves marine life and coral reefs. I'm fairly certain she may have a future marine biologist as a student!
  19. How horrible! Don't let this beat you, come back stronger than ever with a fresh start.
  20. What did you use to fabricate your light rack? I would like to build something similar for my tank.