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  1. Thanks guys! And Bobby can you send some if you miracle grow with the frag:)
  2. That's some really nice growth then! I hope it does that well for me:)
  3. Haha I'm not gonna say what I'm thinking! So now that you're here. How long have you had that birds best bc it has some serious growth!
  4. I'm new to the forum so I figured I would give a little info in my current system. This is my most current picture. It is a 40b with a glass holes overflow. I have a DIY 20L sump/refugium. As far as equipment I have a coralife super skimmer (next thing to upgrade) a Nextreef MR1 reactor running GFO. A mag5 through a spray bar for my return. For lights I have an odyssea 4-bulb T5 (also on the upgrade list)