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    Sailfin Tang

    Is the sailfin still available and how much?
  2. To run the mars aquas you'll need a signal converter board as these lights are 0-10v, apparently some are analog and some PWM but the converter can do both types. The controller LED channels put out 0-5v PWM signal. You'll have to open the lights and add the converter internally then run the signal wire from the controller to the light. Here's a link with a little info that might help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6UOEl91ECY&feature=youtu.be this talks about the pvm issue https://www.robo-tank.ca/forum/Thread-China-Black-Box-Light
  3. where the price jumps is in the probes. however the ski is the limit for this thing. With it I have the wire diagrams for the mars aqua and then can make the software run it just like the ecotech. the only thing I need to check is the control voltage for dimming. I know the apex controller doesn't provide enough voltage so running 2 or more mars light will cause flickering. Going to be a fun project to do with my kid. Im going to put a noise meter on that pump tonight and get a db reading.
  4. So I think im going to go Rogue on this build and do something unique. I found this company called ROBO Tank that has dyi controllers that I fell in love with I think im going to try it out. Everyone has apex and such I like the fact of having a unique one. My Dad gave my son a raspberry pie computer for his birthday and it is ridiculous what can be done with that in the form of reef controllers. Im also going to hook up 3 Mars aqua lights to the controller for complete dimming control. here is the link to the robo tank controllers for those who like to tinker https://www.robo-tank.ca/index.php
  5. I was going to start with nothing then add my dry rock and live sand then transfer about 30 lbs of live rock and sand from my 30 gallon hex which is full of multi color coralline algae. but when I transfer the rock and algae I want to have my lights then
  6. I was thinking it will be next year before i can afford light for the 180 gallon. can i put salt water and live sand and rock and start cycling the tank now. run it without livestock or a light to get bacteria to start growing. i do have 2 800 watt ballast i guess i can run 1 for some light i know not to put corals in it. thoughts.
  7. i took you guys advice and just cut out the overflow and replaced the bulkhead. Im nervous about the overflow re caulking but i guess part of this hobby is steeping outside your comfort zone. It is a 1.5 inch bulkhead. i know its not a pretty calk job but it shouldn't leak.
  8. this is it so far lots of online research and exercise in patience.
  9. Started Plumbing the aquarium. The maxi jet was broke, the big grey pump was broke, the ice cap balast was broke, threw away the 2 reflectors. Both Mh 400 watt ballast are good however hope to get 3 radions next year. I can get them at cost so it will save a bit of money. trying to decide if i want to replace the yellow pump and the big grey ones with ecotech m1. yellow pump is fine just a little loud for my taste. The squids limit the output of the pumps. I like those better then ecotech mp powerheads. plus i already have the squids.
  10. So this is the tank i got all of this stuff for free just had to move it from a 2 story house in slidell and give them pictures when its done. So excited and scared at the same time. I never really mastered my hex. Maybe because it was a fluvial 305 and a hob skimmer. So here it is the day i got it
  11. i have a 1 inch pipe coming from a bulkhead that gravity feeds my sump that has a 2 inch cut in it. It is on a flat piece so lots of flat surface area around the cut. To replace it would be to remove the overflow box in the tank and replace the entire bulkhead. since its only subjected to .88 PSI i was thinking Flex tape or epoxy patch anyone else done this